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Dr Ash Dutta Reviews and Testimonials

 Mrs Paula Boundey had a Face & Neck lift with lower eyelid rejuvenation......Read More

 Facelift and neck lift - Post operation testimonial by a happy patient......Read More

Katie needed ear lobe correction after removing the 2cm ring which she had for years. The procedure......Read More

Rachel Brown: this patient had Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) and Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck) 6 months ago. She was ......Read More

 Breast Augmentation - Post Operation Testimonial by a Patient......Read More

 Miss Mason had her Breast Augmentation at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre under my care about 7 weeks ......Read More

  Claire had Breast Augmentation 3 weeks ago. She had a few words to say about how it went and...... Read More

 Denise had Upper Blepharoplasty 3 months ago and she is delighted ......Read More

 Ms Haines had VASER lipo 4 weeks ago and is delighted with the outcome. Being a busy mother, she doesn't get much time for herself and Read More.....

 Sarah had Breast Augmentation and Mastopexy a few weeks ago. She is doing very well and ...... Read More


  Alison has been my patient for 11 years. I did her Breast Augmentation, Face & Necklift and various ...... Read More


 Mrs Patterson had Abdominoplasty 6 days ago. Dr Dutta removed 4.6 litres of fat...... Read More

   Stephen was concerned about the shape of his chest with a deep concavity of the sternum (chest bone). We transferred...... Read More

    Mrs Pixie Tenenbaum had a Mastopexy (Breast lift) a few years ago in another hospital. It resulted in a tethered ...... Read More

  Mr Lisle underwent for FUE hair transplantation and received 1000......Read More

He is a radio presenter and does various high profile activities. He wanted something natural looking with a freshening effect. He is delighted with the effects of Botox to his upper face and some Dermal fillers to his cheeks.


 Being in the public eye, Suraya wanted to look fresh but not over-done. After a thorough consultation, she decided to have a Blepharoplasty. She went back..... Read More


 This patient requested breast augmentation procedure after having a child and felt very conscious about the changes post pregnancy. She is happy.... Read more

  This was a fit and healthy patient and we decided to go ahead with the procedure after the appropriate consultation. Patient was delighted with the results after the operation but it's still early days....
   "I love my new lips...I was worried at first about the injections but the doctor was great and did a fantastic job"...
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  "I've been using the ClearLight system for 6 weeks now, and my acne has cleared up and the old scars are fading away."...
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