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Stem Cells

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We all begin life as stem cells, and few can argue the potential of stem cell research. Scientists say, one day stem cells may be used to replace or repair damaged cells, with the potential to change treatments for a variety of conditions.

So imagine being able to freeze and store some of your own healthy skin cells for future regenerative medicine.

Well now you can, thanks to TICEBA. You can store skin cells and profit from some of the potential of new medicine while also embracing some of the many current non-surgical procedures now available.

The removal of skin cells and the extraction of stem cells should be performed as early as possible in life as the cells naturally decrease with age. The cells are stored in a Bio-Safe under very carefully controlled conditions.

This new approach to medical care will one day have an impact on the entire health system and society as a whole.

To know about the surgeon, Dr. Ashish Dutta, click here

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