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VISIA® System


Get to know your true complexion via the VISIA® multispectral complexion analysis system and tune into a comprehensive and highly targeted skin rejuvenation regime. Through the eight individual skin analyzers, comprised of four under fluorescent light, two under True-UV light and two under the Cross-Polarized light, VISIA gives a clear and detailed baseline from which to devise a skin care protocol. VISIA can then accurately measure the results of such a protocol or even a stand-alone treatment.  RBX Technology™ sets a new standard for medical image processing, enabling precision treatment planning and more thorough skin consultations, where sun damage, dormant pigmentation, congestion, vascular issues/redness can be easily seen.

VISIA will also enable you to see how you compare with your peer group (both male and female). Exposure to the True-UV light is the only way, as stated by the American Association of Dermatologists (AAD), to accurately show the extent of sun damage and the efficacy of sun damage reversal and prevention. VISIA aging simulation shows how your skin could look 4 –5 years older and 4 - 5 years younger.

Finally, receive your personalized report with your recommended treatment programme and the date for your next skin consultation via an email to be viewed on your iPhone/iPad/Smartphone.

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Qualified doctors/nurses will discuss the procedure before any treatment, explaining any possible side effects.

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