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Some scars can be more than skin deep

It’s often not just the physical appearance of acne scarring, but the psychological distress, which results in many people turning to scar treatment. A loss in confidence and self-esteem can lead to wider social complications, especially as acne can affect younger people who are still developing into adults.

Notice how suffers often avoid eye contact, or wear lots of makeup to hide their complexion often resulting in more problems further down the line. I’ve even had experiences of patients who have refused to attend school or take days off work.

As a parent, the last thing we want is for our children to become reclusive and withdrawn when their main concern is the approval of others. However, you don’t need to suffer alone.

Sometimes it helps by simply talking through the problems or finding support from other people's experiences.

Scar treatments available, (although not usually on the NHS) include mircodermabrasion, TCA EasyPeel and Exodermpeel, Dermaroller and Dermapen, PPP/PRP and lasers including Fraxel and SmartXide. While treatments can improve the appearance of scars, it will not get rid of them completely, but in time will help to regain confidence.

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