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Pigment Abnormalities

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Pigment or your imagination?

Patients are now becoming more aware of the dangers of certain herbal skin care products and photo sensitising agents, which can contribute to abnormal pigmentation. The good news is, in our struggle to look good and feel great, people no longer need to put up with pigmentation disorders which affect small patches of skin or even worse, the entire body.

Recently, a patient arrived at the clinic, who during pregnancy developed abnormal pigmentation in her cheeks. Her imagination and fear got the better of her, and although the condition was the normal result of hormonal changes during pregnancy, it still proved distressing, even if only requiring sympathetic pigmentation treatment. However, more serious conditions can be the result of increase in the amount of melanin pigment.

Conditions such as Vitiligo (loss of melanin pigment), moles, and Melasma, require an official diagnosis to address the skin pigmentation abnormalities. A host of effective pigmentation treatments are now available including Fraxel lasers, Microlaser peels, TCA EasyPeel, Photorejuvenation, Re-Cell and SmartXide.

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