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Laser Freckle Reduction Technology

Here at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre, we have a comprehensive portfolio of treatments for the rejuvenation of skin from the appearance of freckles. Laser therapy offers the fastest and most effective way for the non-invasive revitalisation of skin from pigmentation and Melanin patches. Utilising the technologies of Fractional and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) lasers means that patients of any skin tone and age can achieve a uniform result.

Freckles are predominantly found on the face, although they can also appear on any skin exposed to the sun; such as on the décolletage, hands and arms. People with paler complexions have less Melanin in their skin, so when the sunlight causes these Melanocytes to react, they make more Melanin. This can cause freckles to develop instead of getting an evenly based suntan, like people with darker complexions naturally achieve. This exposure to UV-B radiation activates the Melanocytes to increase Melanin production, which can cause surface freckles to become darker and more apparent with elongated exposure to the sun.

¨Laser skin resurfacing is the most effective way to get rid of freckles and localised pigmentation patches on the skin. It is important to make sure that you consult with a certified Cosmetic Surgeon before you opt for any type of laser skin treatment. This laser energy will direct an intense patch of light onto the affected spots, which are then absorbed by the skin and Melanin. Due to the potency of laser, these actions can affect the skin tone permanently.¨ - Wendy Dutta (Chief Aesthetic Nurse)

Laser therapy is the most effective way in which to treat a variety of skin damages. This can result from conditions such as freckles, pigmentation and sun damage. These will primarily occur on any part of the body which is subject to sun exposure. Laser therapy also comes with no associated downtime or post-treatment scarring, making it an excellent option for working professionals.

Chief Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Ashish Dutta and his team at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre were one of the first clinics in the United Kingdom to initiate the SmartXide laser treatment to eliminate the appearance of freckles. This laser uses a CO2  fractional system which houses a responsive scanner with the capacity to undertake specific ´DOT resurfacing.´ This skin treatment also produces a resultant tightening of the skin as well as greatly helping to reduce pigmentation blemishes such as freckles.

The Aesthetic Beauty Centre operates with a fully qualified team of medical professionals; managed by Dr Ashish Dutta (Chief Cosmetic Surgeon) and Wendy Dutta (Chief Aesthetic Nurse.) They will discuss this procedure during the initial consultation alongside the advantages, benefits and any side-effects and aftercare that you may require  during your laser assisted freckle reduction treatment.

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