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SmartXide - DOT Laser Enlarged Pore Rejuvenation Technology

Welcome to the next generation of treatments for the rejuvenation of skin. SmartXide offers the fastest and most effective way for the non-invasive revitalisation of skin textures and enlarged pores. Harnessing the technologies of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Fractional laser means that most patients of any age and skin type I – IV can achieve a uniform result.

Pores are the hair follicle openings that serve as an escape route for perspiration and the secretion of body toxins, when they become enlarged, they get more visible. Prominent facial pores tend to be found on aging or excessively oily skin and can easily get clogged with dead cells and Sebum as well as make-up and skin products. As the years pass, your skin naturally ages and the sun’s UV rays, alongside other environmental factors can cause the skin to lose its natural elasticity. When this occurs, pores become more susceptible to being clogged causing them to appear to be even larger than before.

¨Laser rejuvenation therapy can be used to stimulate Collagen production in the skin and also to promote the growth of healthy skin cells. This type of laser therapy can be used to treat both shallow and deep acne scars, as well as to improve the overall visible texture of the skin and to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. These types of treatments are also highly effective for refining the texture and appearance of enlarged or open pores, leaving the patients skin feeling refreshed. Laser skin rejuvenation also causes tightening of the pores, giving the skin an overall glow as well as addressing any unwanted red or brown blemishes¨ - Dr Ashish Dutta

SmartXide is an effective way in which to treat a variety of skin damages resulting from factors such as differential textures and enlarged pores which primarily occur on the face, neck, chest, arms and hands. SmartXide also has the advantage of minimal downtime or post-treatment scarring.

Chief Surgeon Dr Ashish Dutta and his team at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre were one of the first clinics in the United Kingdom to initiate this type of treatment to eliminate the visible appearance and impact of enlarged pores. With SmartXide, the laser uses a CO2  fractional system which has a very responsive scanner. It has the capacity to undertake specific ´DOT resurfacing´. This skin treatment causes tightening of the skin which can help to greatly reduce differences in texture and minimise the look of enlarged pores.

The Aesthetic Beauty Centre operates with a fully qualified team of medical professionals; managed by Dr Ashish Dutta and Wendy Dutta who will discuss the procedure and give all relevant information and after care advice during the initial consultation.