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Every person has a part of their body they want to change, whether it is the wrinkles on your face, or the dreaded ‘bingo wings’, Body Face Couture’s products enable you to change them for the better. Working in conjunction with the Body Face Couture product line, Aesthetic Beauty Centre can offer you non-surgical, instant dramatic results that can rejuvenate your complexion.

Utilising Body Face Couture’s products, Aesthetic Beauty Centre are able to bring you a product that targets most areas of the body.

The non-surgical treatment allows for little, to no downtime. It is possible for you to simply come on your lunch break and then be back in time for your afternoon meetings.

The procedures will aim to tighten your skin to give you the complexion you have always wanted, it will wipe away years. The treatment time can vary, it can be one powerful hour treatment or they can be spread across 6 to 8 months, the choice is entirely yours and we can fit it around you.

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