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Masseter Hypertrophy

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Botox injections, more commonly associated with cosmetic procedures, are now used being to treat Bruxism. Bruxism is a condition in which people grind or clench their teeth more than usual.

Extreme cases often lead to jaw problems, headaches and the wearing down of teeth. Many people who suffer from nocturnal bruxism don’t even know they are grinding their teeth during sleep unless a partner tells them.

The two main sets of muscles involved in moving the jaw, become overactive, causing the jaw to clench unconsciously. The Bruxism treatment works by using Botox injections to stop pain by relaxing these jaw muscles.

Although Botox is still relatively new in the treatment of Bruxism, results are proving successful in treating the condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon after the treatment am I able to resume normal activities?

Following Bruxism treatment, the patient can resume normal activities immediately, including the application of cosmetics.

Am I required to return back to the centre after the initial treatment?

You are advised to return in 2 – 3 weeks for a review when you may need to top-up.  No top-up advised after this till next treatment due to the increased risk of antibody development.  Effect of treatment is expected to last for 3 – 5 months but in general variable.

Am I able to travel by air immediately after the Bruxism treatment?

Air travel must not be undertaken for three days following treatment.

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