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Hydra Facial

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Recent innovations in the non surgical aesthetic sphere are not only exciting but are also more about experiences rather than just another treatment or another facial.

The Hydrafacial focuses on the Philosophy - ‘Skin Wellbeing for Life’ and is not just a confidence booster but a feeling that stays with you long after the facial is over. It’s all about the skin looking and feeling good which then has immense positive benefits on one’s mental well-being.

This treatment is a procedure that combines all the regular aspects of a facial such as cleansing, exfoliation, extraction along with deep hydration and antioxidant application to help produce glowing, shiny texture with a marked improvement in skin elasticity.

Hydrafacial uses advanced vortex technology to remove dead skin cells, extracts dirt and impurities and delivers botanical ingredients containing nutrients to renew and replenish the skin. It also delivers anti-oxidants to heal the damage done by free radicals from pollution and the stresses of life that accelerate ageing.



Who are the best candidates for this treatment?

Hydrafacial is a treatment that works on all skin and colour types and is for people of all ages. As everyone is constantly ageing no matter what, this treatment is recommended for even younger people who can stay youthful for a longer timeframe with regular care.

It is ideal for professionals in the fashion/entertainment industries who have to have to wear heavy make-up on their skin. Also those who travel a lot and are constantly facing different weather changes rapidly can have their skin affected with varying temperatures. This facial puts the bounce back in anyone’s skin texture.


How long does the treatment take?

Hydrafacial is a 5-step procedure that works on the skin’s impurities and delivers critical nutrients and antioxidants. It usually takes about 30 minutes to perform and results are immediately noticed. This treatment has virtually no downtime and ideally one session a month is  recommended to maintain results. But your aesthetician can give you a proper diagnosis during the first treatment. 

How long do the results last?

Since this treatment has no downtime, the results are immediate and lasts for several days/weeks depending on how healthy the skin is and how consistent one is with regular/daily care by using essential products like a good sunblock moisturiser. Regular monthly visits ensure that the skin’s health and texture is maintained longer.


What is the aftercare and products for daily use?

Aftercare is generally the same and the home products will differ from clinic to clinic. It’s best to check with your aesthetician once the treatment is done.



Hydrafacial starts from £80-100/per session and depending on treatments prices vary


Hydra Facial Face Treatment in Newcastle, London & Sunderland