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Fresh Autologous Mesenchymal Integration (FAMI): Experience the artistic, anatomically-based anti-ageing technique that replaces volume in the face that has thinned, narrowed and lost volume due to the ageing process.

Shrinkage of facial muscles is one of the primary manifestations of the ageing process. Ageing combined with diet and exercise can cause many people to develop a thinner face. In some cases a dramatic "skeletonisation" may occur.

For these patients a lifting procedure alone may produce a masked look. Restoring the volume of the atrophied muscles is an obvious method of facial rejuvenation. Augmenting the volume of the muscles in the forehead, cheeks, mouth, chin and jaw line with fat, restores the more youthful look of a fuller face.

What is FAMI?

Developed by Dr. Roger E. Amar in 1991. FAMI stands for Fat Autografting Muscle Injections. It is a non-surgical approach to aesthetic surgery that facilitates the correction of facial deficiencies.

FAMI is a procedure in which the doctor removes fat tissue from your body using Liposuction/Liposculpture and then refines the fat tissue, prior to injecting it into your facial muscles with the use of specially designed instruments.

Aesthetic Beauty Centre was the first clinic in the UK to provide FAMI (2007)

How is FAMI different from other fat injection procedures?

Fat Transfer, has been performed since the seventies. This technique did not respect the facial vascular paths. The results were very inconsistent and for many patients asymmetric. The new AMAR technique places the fat into the facial muscles to provide long-lasting, symmetric results.

FAMI is the only procedure that uses specially designed instruments to place the refined fat into the facial muscle bed. The main facial muscle groups are injected to maximise integration with the host tissue.

Is fat grafting safe?

Fat transfer procedures are performed by thousands of doctors worldwide. It is a routine procedure performed using local anaesthesia. The FAMI procedure has been demonstrated to have very few complications when performed by doctors specifically trained in this procedure.
Fat transferred to the face using FAMI can provide genuine facial rejuvenation without the presence of foreign bodies.

The process involves injecting your living fatty connective tissue, correcting asymmetry and restoring the fullness of youth. There is no risk of an allergic reaction since the injected material is harvested from your own body.

Who is a good candidate for this procedure?

The ageing process can produce hollows and depressions in anyone's face. All patients with skeletonisation of the frontal, cheek, or chin areas, who are looking for rejuvenation without open surgery (Surgical Facelift), can benefit from FAMI.

Patients with sagging jowls may require a lower facelift to remove the excess skin. But once the excess skin has been removed, these patients will usually benefit from the FAMI procedure, which will provide more thorough rejuvenation and a softer, younger appearance.

If I have had or am having BOTOX injections, can I have the FAMI procedure?

The FAMI procedure can be performed on patients that have previously been treated with BOTOX®, however, the FAMI procedure works better on the muscles that have not been injected with BOTOX®.

This is because BOTOX® treatment works by blocking the impulses to some of the facial muscles by causing paralysis of the treated facial muscle. Over time, this can cause muscle atrophy. As a result, the muscle may have a reduced blood supply.

What happens following a typical procedure?

Following a FAMI procedure you may experience bruising around the injection sites. Swelling and redness may occur and can last for up to two weeks. Most patients resume normal activities within two/three days and can usually return to work within 8 - 12 days. As the swelling subsides, you will begin to notice the rejuvenating effects of the procedure.

FAMI is a safe, reliable and predictable means of achieving facial rejuvenation by providing a minimally invasive means of restoring the fullness of youth. FAMI can also be combined with a traditional Face Lift or other minimally invasive procedures such as the FeatherLift, using Aptos Threads or Contour Threads.

For any patient who wishes to achieve a total rejuvenation without pursuing a more aggressive surgical intervention, FAMI is a realistic alternative. Dr. Dutta has been performing liposculpture and fat grafting since 2002 and is delighted to be able to offer the FAMI procedure to his patients as an alternative form of 'Total Facial Rejuvenation'.

Qualified doctors/nurses will discuss the procedure before any treatment, explaining any possible side effects.

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