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Sculptra Dermal Filler Facial Treatment

It is more than a certainty that your face is the first feature that people see when they meet and greet you. However, over time the effects of gravity and Mother Nature can mean that your inner-feelings do not always convey your outer-expressions. Thankfully at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre, we have the power to literally turn back the tides of time with harmony and respect to the bio-chemistry of your skin.

With every year gained comes a small loss of vitality within the skin. The elongated actions of the human ageing process see a time-dependant loss on the appearance and texture of the skin. This ageing is mainly caused by the decreased production of Collagen; a protein when depleted, leads to a loss in natural elasticity and the thinning of skin. It is both of these factors that ultimately result in skin that is loose and starts to fold, causing visible lines and wrinkles.

In addition to the loss of Collagen, the loss of localised fatty tissues around this area can also cause the face to take on a narrower and thinner formation than we enjoyed, several decades back.  Fortunately help is at hand from Dr Ashish Dutta and his team with their complete portfolio of facial treatments and specific range of dermal fillers.

During a short, non-invasive clinical procedure, your aesthetic professional will introduce a determined amount of Sculptra dermal filler deep into the dermis (or its subcutaneous layers of skin) in order to provide a smoother and re-balanced facial aesthetic. This facial treatment will provide a natural filling and definition to gently and effectively reverse the signs of ageing at many levels.

¨ We are pleased to introduce Sculptura - a new generation of skin injectable dermal fillers from Galderma Laboratories which offers the complete solution to smoothing away lines and wrinkles to restore lost volume and shape in a softer and more natural way.¨ - Wendy Dutta (Chief Aesthetic Nurse)

Sculptra is considered by many cosmetic professionals to be a unique product for facial treatments thanks to its main component, Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA); a substance which can gradually and naturally be broken down by the body and has since been utilised in surgical applications for over two decades. Sculptra is also immunologically inert, meaning that no allergy testing is necessary before the treatment is administered - making it completely safe for patients old and new.

A detailed consultation with a trained aesthetic professional will allow an exact strategy for the administration of Sculptura to be prescribed which will afford you the best and most natural result each and every time. The application of Sculptura depends on several factors relating to the type and level of ageing that you have achieved and these will be taken into account during your appointment.

After your first treatment is assessed, you will have a recommendation as to the need for any more subsequent treatments. Because of the composition of Sculptura, it is generally found that several applications are necessary to obtain the desired final results. Also, in comparison to some other filler treatments, Sculptura may require more frequent refresher sessions (´top-ups´). Upon the completion of your Sculptra programme, you can expect to achieve results which can last up to 2 years. In addition to being a well prescribed skin smoothing treatment, Sculptra is also frequently used for cheek augmentation and is highly effective dermal filler which is used in the reduction and appearance of dermal scarring.

The Aesthetic Beauty Centre operates with a fully qualified team of medical professionals; managed by Dr Ashish Dutta  (Chief Surgeon) and Wendy Dutta (Chief Aesthetic Nurse) who will discuss the procedure during the initial consultation alongside the advantages, benefits and any side effects or aftercare that you may experience during your treatment.

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