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Cheek Augmentation

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One of the classic marks of feminine beauty has always been a high cheekbone. However, truth is, few of us are born with such classic features and up until recently there was no affordable solution to obtain high cheek bones and the classic triangular look.

Sadly, even for those fortunate to have good bone structure, over time our face can lose some of its shape becoming drawn and sometimes developing a gaunt tired expression.

Cheek augmentation is now a popular treatment using both non-surgical and surgical cosmetic techniques. Now almost anyone can enjoy beautiful and prominent cheekbones.

There are several medical techniques available which can help rectify this condition to give a balanced more youthful appearance. Our doctors will help you decide on the best form of treatment for you.

From cheek implants, to injections using the cheek fillers such as Restylane and Perlane. Although these two treatments may not offer the permanent long-term benefit of implants, they are however extremely effective and safe.

Often cheek augmentation is combined with other treatments such as face-lift, using S-Lift along with Radiesse for chin augmentation.

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