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Brow Lift

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A brow lift sometimes called a forehead lift, surgically corrects drooping eyebrows and softens worried, tired or angry expressions resulting from frown lines and restore a more youthful contour to your forehead, upper eyelids and eyebrows. Although it is done for purely cosmetic reasons but some people have experienced better vision in cases of extreme drooping and saggy skin around the eyes. Brow lift elevates drooping upper eyelids, eyebrows and smooths frown lines and remove part of the muscle that causes the deep “worry” lines that run across the forehead.


In this procedure, the eyebrows will be lifted and the muscles which have been stretched over time will be tightened simultaneously retracting any loose skin in the area and reducing excess fatty tissue hanging over your eyes. It takes about 1-2 hours depending upon the technique used and the extent of lifting to be done.

There are various brow-lift methods, which involve different length incisions in different locations and, sometimes, an endoscope. The two popular methods to lift your eyebrows and forehead area available at Aesthetic Beauty Centre are as follows:

  • Open Eyebrow lift

  • Endoscopic Eyebrow lift

Open brow lift

The open brow lift is also known as classic, coronal or trichophytic brow lift with each having some differences. It involves one continuous long incision at the hairline beginning from one side of the temple to the other or in one of the creases of your forehead. After making the long incision, the surgeon lifts the skin away from the underlying tissues. Excess skin is removed before stitching or clipping the stretched skin back to the incision points. This procedure is ideal for patients who want to both lift the eyebrows and raise and shorten the forehead by removing a strip of skin and underlying tissue along the incision. Because in this procedure, the forehead is shortened, the hairline is lowered so it is ideal for those with a high forehead. The scar from the incision, once healed, is virtually undetectable because the incision made is along your hairline which can be easily concealed with your hair. There will be some bruising and swelling after the procedure. Patients usually return to their normal daily routine  within 2 – 3 weeks.

Endoscopic brow lift

 It is an advanced minimally invasive surgical technique of brow or forehead lift. This endoscopic technique of brow lift requires only 3-5 small incisions which may include three short incisions along the top of the scalp and a temple incision on each side. These tiny incisions can be concealed easily within the hair which leaves no visible scar.

In this technique, your surgeon will insert an endoscope (a long, thin tube-shaped probe with a light at the end attached to a miniature video camera) through one of the tiny incisions placed just behind the hairline. It allows the surgeon to see what is going on underneath the skin and view the proceedings on a TV monitor in the operating room which makes easy to work on the various internal structures of the forehead. The surgeon then inserts another instrument through another of the tiny incisions to lift and reposition the skin. This procedure is ideal for those patients who have mild to moderate brow droop and horizontal wrinkles. The procedure can lift everything from the hairline to the eyebrows. It can also tighten and help smooth the entire forehead creases or frown lines. Eyebrow shape and asymmetry can be addressed with this type of lift. Once the brow and forehead tissues have been lifted to their new rejuvenated positions, the surgeon uses a small Endotine Forehead device to securely hold the tissue in place during the healing process. (know more)

In either case, you will have stitches or staples that will need to be removed in about a week. If you have temporary fixation screws, your surgeon will remove them in about two weeks. These fixtures are installed beneath the hairline to hold the elevated brow in place.


Brow Lift gives you a more youthful, relaxed and refreshed appearance. After surgery, your eyebrows will be elevated and forehead will be smooth, resulting in a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. Although it may take several months to see the final results, usually you can expect to see some improvement immediately once the swelling has subsided.

The lasting results of brow lifts will vary. A number of factors including your age, genetics and lifestyle all play a role in your long-term results because although you will appear younger, you will also continue to age.

Most of the patients recover from open brow lift surgery in about two weeks. Recovery time is generally faster with endoscopic brow lift surgery. Although the results from endoscopic procedure is not as significant as the traditional procedure, it has become a front runner due to its less invasive nature and reduced scarring.

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