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Face Treatments

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There are many reasons why we may seek help in improving our facial features with cosmetic surgery. As our most prominent feature, it’s important that we can look in the mirror - or at a photograph - and feel happy with the face we see. With our range of treatments, the Aesthetic Beauty Centre seeks to improve your confidence so that you feel as beautiful as you look.

Many of us would like to reverse the signs of aging and this is a goal easily achieved with our range of anti-aging treatments. With eyebag removal through Blepharoplasty and non-surgical procedures such as Fraxel Laser Treatment and TCA Easypeel to combat age spots, these common effects of aging don’t have to remain a problem.

We also offer chin, cheek and lip augmentation to enhance these face-defining areas. Juvederm is one of our non-surgical solutions used to treat all of these common problems and as it contains hyaluronic acid - a natural substance found in our own bodies - it is a safe treatment with amazing anti-aging effects.

Facelifts - otherwise known as Rhytidectomy - also don’t have to be the painful, complicated procedures you may imagine. This treatment is available for more subtle changes or improvements and can be achieved with quick, non-surgical procedures such as Thermage. As of now, the Aesthetic Beauty Centre is the only clinic in the north of England to provide this. We also offer FaceTite TreatmentAptos Threading and treatments for Bruxism.

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