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Weight Loss

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Fat has a habit of accumulating where we least want it. Although age and diet are key factors, these stubborn pockets of fat are often difficult to remove becoming resistant to dieting and exercise.

In men it’s often those annoying pockets around the navel, lower abs, lower back and the waist that force many of us to want to keep our shirts on. In women it’s the upper and inner thighs, abdomen, hips, flanks and love handles.

Medical advancements can now help remove fat from these problem areas. Weight loss surgery procedures such as Liposculpture, BodyTite, SmartLipo, Vaser Liposelection and in very extreme cases of obesity the BIB Weight Loss System which is designed to bring short-term weight loss are all treatments that can now help you look good and feel great.

Remember, a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a good diet not only helps keep off the pounds, but it can also increase life expectancy.

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