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Don’t sweat – there’s a simple cure.

We all know that sweating releases excess heat from the body, but did you know excessive sweating can actually be a medical condition known as Hyperhidrosis seriously affecting careers, personal life and even personalities. Over time the effect of the condition can result in low self- esteem, as sweating can be associated with socially unacceptable odour and patches on clothes.

It should be noted that Hyperhidrosis is not a temporary condition and excessive sweating can also cause discomfort and even uncomfortable skin conditions. Hyperhidrosis is caused by over active sweat glands, or the eccrine glands. These glands are found virtually all over the body surface and not surprisingly the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet and in the armpits, all beginning to sound too familiar?

Here at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre we’ve been successfully practising a Hyperhidrosis treatment for many years with the injection of Botulinum toxin a, into the vicinity of the sweat glands, which blocks the release of the acetylcholine, thereby temporarily reducing or abolishing sweat production.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I return to the Aesthetic Beauty Centre after my treatment ?

It is advised to return to the centre no later than 2-3 weeks for a follow up.

How soon am I allowed to travel by plane after the procedure?

Air travel must not be undertaken for seven days following the treatment.

How long can I return to normal activities after the hyperhidrosis treatment ?

The client can resume normal activities including the application of cosmetics immediately.

To know about the surgeon, Dr. Ashish Dutta, click here

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