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Cosmetic Genital Surgery

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Every man and woman wants to look perfect and to achieve the perfect body, face, hair and even their genitals they choose cosmetic surgeries. Nowadays many people choose the cosmetic genital surgery because they feel unhappy about the look of their genitals. Cosmetic genital surgery mainly involves Labiaplasty for the female to reshape the labia and Phalloplasty for the male to enhance the penis. This cosmetic surgery sometimes referred to as ‘aesthetic genital surgery’.

Labiaplasty -

Female External Genital Rejuvenation or Labiaplasty is a general term that covers several different surgical procedures from Female Genital Rejuvenation, Genital Cosmetic Surgery, Vulvo-vaginal Surgery, Hymenoplasty and Designer Vaginal Surgery.

Labiaplasty is a procedure that reduces the Labia Minora and is commonly performed to relieve women of symptoms from physical discomfort to unsightly appearance of the labia. These can vary from relieving pain from cycle riding or sexual intercourse to self-consciousness caused by itching and chafing due to the twisting or traction of the labia.

A Labiaplasty aims to reduce the size of the Labia Minora which protrudes and becomes slack with childbirth and ageing. Labiaplasty reduces or improves the appearance of the Labia so that they no longer be prominent or be seen in a bikini/bathing suit…..Read More

Phalloplasty -

If you would like to gain length and girth in your penis and you are looking for a safe way to do that then the penile enlargement technique at Aesthetic Beauty Centre is right for you. You can opt for a minimally invasive penile enhancement surgery and boost your confidence.

Penile enlargement cosmetic surgery consists of two separate components. These are:

  • Penile girth enhancement by Fat transfer

  • Penile length enhancement by Suspensory ligament cutting

The surgery is safe if done by an experienced Surgeon. Pain is usually minimal to moderate and responds to painkillers. There will be swelling which reaches its peak within two days post surgery, but after two days it starts subsiding. The resulting scar is imperceptible…...Read More 

At the Aesthetic Beauty Centre, your progress is reviewed on a regular basis via appointments with your surgeon. Before any cosmetic treatment takes place at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre, we will outline the entire process, including potential side effects. Our surgeon Dr Ashish Dutta, operates in a number of clinics in the UK, including two in the North East.

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