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Bum Enlargement

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Sometimes, a fuller youthful bottom can lose volume as a result of age or with sudden weight loss. There was also a time when women asked, ‘does my bum look big in this?’ Now however, a plumper posterior has become a more desired shape and with the bum enlargement procedure it has became possible.

So you’ll be pleased to learn that undergoing a bum enlargement treatment doesn't mean you need to resort to implants either.

Hyacorp is an injectable filler which can be used for Buttock Augmentation. Hyacorp (hyaluronic acid) already exists within the body, it does not appear as a foreign substance. Over 10 million people have used this filler with similar treatments on the face, and with little or no side effects.

Now available in a much purer form with larger particles, Hyacorp can be injected into the buttocks using a local anaesthetic to numb the area. After treatment, there is no downtime and no scarring. Another added benefit of Hyacorp injections is that it's now possible to create more subtle changes to the reshaping of the buttocks, which is very difficult to achieve with traditional surgery.

For longer lasting effect, fat transfer can be performed which is otherwise known as ‘Brazilian buttock lift’.

One of the many advantages over implants is that the treatment can be applied to exactly where it's needed, which is almost impossible with surgical implants.

The procedure takes only 45-60 minutes (about the same time it takes to nip to the shop to buy a new bra!) and the results are instant, so women can walk out with a much bigger and less flat looking bum!

To know about the surgeon, Dr. Ashish Dutta, click here

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