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Body Contouring/Fat removal

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It’s not always easy to have the body we want or to look as good as we would like. Over time we often develop stubborn unwanted pockets of fat, which are very difficult to remove with traditional forms of dieting and exercise.

It’s a common problem and one, which many of us suffer. What makes things worse, these areas of stubborn fat often enjoy ‘hanging out’ where we least want them to, such as the buttocks, hips, thighs, tummy, neck, arms and double chins.


Fortunately, some of the new body contouring treatments are so effective at removing unwanted localised fat by targeting the fat cells we want to be removed, that demand for treatment has soared over the last few years.

With minimal pain and discomfort and ever reducing recovery periods, it’s easy to see why more people are now turning to fat removal treatments to reveal they are a true self with the body they deserve.

Aesthetic Beauty Centre is able to offer both surgical and non-surgical fat removal treatments. Popular fat removal treatments include: AqualyxBodyTite, Laser Lipolysis, Liposculpture, SmartLipo, Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty, Vaser Liposelection and Carboxytherapy. 

We have clinics in London, Newcastle, Liverpool and Sunderland. All surgical treatments are carried out at our Newcastle Clinic or at our Harley Street Clinic in London by Dr Ash Dutta.

To know about the surgeon, Dr Ashish Dutta, click here

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