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Baby Face Scan

Would you like a home video of your baby before he or she is born!

The Aesthetic Beauty Centre in Sunderland was one of the first clinics to provide pioneering 4D ultrasound baby face scanning in the North of England. For most parents-to-be, viewing an image of your unborn child for the first time is an exciting moment. Even if you've already seen a limited image of the baby produced by conventional ultrasound, there's something special about viewing an image of your unborn baby. It makes you realise that you really, truly are going to have a baby, soon.

We understand many of the anxieties and frustrations that women experience throughout their pregnancy. With the use of the latest technology ultrasound scanning, we aim to help erase your concerns whilst sharing with you some of the miracles of your baby's development, at no risk to mother or baby.

The mother & baby bonding experience takes around 45 minutes and the process includes 4D real-time moving images of the baby as well as a selection of still photographs that can be printed out at home on a computer system/e-mailed to friends and relatives.

We advise that the perfect time to view the baby is between 23 - 29 weeks gestation. This is when the baby is sufficiently developed to move around, it can sometimes look as if they are waving to you!

The clinic provides a warm and comfortable environment where the mother and baby bonding experience can be performed by qualified doctors in a stress free environment. Family members are welcome to join in on the experience.

Ultrasound is a safe, painless technology that uses sound waves to build images of the internal anatomy. This procedure has been routinely carried out during pregnancy since its introduction in the mid seventies. The pictures are displayed on a television screen/computer monitor.

During the examination, the doctor passes a sensor called a transducer through a sound-conducting gel on the surface of the skin. The probe (scan head) sends sound waves through the mother's abdomen to the foetus and receives the returning echoes. Incoming echoes are then converted to the images seen on the screen.

Photographs of the unborn child can be printed out, so you can start your child's photograph album before giving birth. Our latest developments even make it possible for us to record a video of the unborn child onto a compact disc that can be viewed on a computer system. This provides a permanent record that both you and your child can treasure forever.

The baby bonding scan is performed at our Sunderland clinic and costs £180 which includes any thermal photographs and video footage supplied on a CD.

To know about the surgeon, Dr. Ashish Dutta, click here

"Amazing scan by Dr Dutta & Wendy at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre! We couldn't recommend them enough! Thank you!"

Rosie Gordon


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