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Why Cheap Botox Ends up More Expensive

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 4 October 2016


Since eternity mankind has been on a quest to look young, ageless or at the very least arrest that ticking clock if not turn it back.

The search for a magic potion that stops ageing and brings back youth has been very well documented and also immensely glorified.

Throughout History, Science and Medicine have played a huge role in ensuring that we- men and women get to have a say in how we age.

It was in 1987 when two doctors in Canada, Jean and Alastair Carruthers discovered cosmetic procedures in a toxin which was in use from the late 17th/18th century by ophthalmologists. This was the discovery that let the genie out of the bottle so to speak and thus was born Botox®*. 

Since then Botox®* has become a billion$ industry and has literally shaped our notion of beauty. In a youth-obsessed industry, Botox®* is a frontrunner in raising up the levels of self-esteem given the fact that we are all hard-wired to be attracted to beauty.

With the advance of Cosmetic Surgery - we now have many such procedures in place that are capable of enhancing our physical looks. Over the past decade Non surgical facial rejuvenation methods have become very popular because of less downtime and a faster recovery period.

But what’s important here to understand is the fact that in our quest for staying as young as possible for as long as possible - such aesthetic treatments are relatively expensive, when compared to salon and spa treatments, and yet we must know the difference between a cheap Botox®* treatment and a genuine safe and quality Botox®* treatment. This also means that with its growing use - there are certain risks that come along with it.

However common it may be, you need to seek out a practitioner (i.e nurse, doctor, or dentist) who is fully qualified, skilled and with a good technique.  When used correctly and by a well-trained specialist physician/surgeon, it is wonderfully rejuvenating for your skin, restoring tightness to the skin and giving that ‘post-facial glow’. However, when a cheap counterfeit product is used and/or when it is not injected by properly trained and well-qualified specialists, it can cause adverse effects and mental stress.

With everybody jumping onto the bandwagon of dispersing Botox®* treatments, the industry has become highly competitive. Naturally it has found it’s way onto the black market.

It’s very easy to get tempted by advertising of cheap Botox®* offers/prices by non-doctors, beauty and skin technicians and this means unreliable and often the use of non-genuine products.

But if you are looking for a facial rejuvenation treatment, cost should never be your main deciding factor as you can’t be sure you’ll receive the same standards of quality care and genuine products. If you are considering Botox®* to restore your youthful glow it is better to pay more for a talented, well experienced cosmetic doctor than pay less initially and then pay a larger price in the event of needing to correct any resulting complications.

Botox®* may look easy to administer, but this is a specialized medical treatment requiring in-depth knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the facial muscles, nerves, blood vessels, etc.

It should ideally be performed by a board certified specialist physician or surgeon such as a facial plastic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist in a medical setting and not by your friend or aesthetic/beauty technician in a salon, spa, or at your home. An adequately trained Registered Nurse under the supervision of a physician/surgeon can also inject Botox®*. Beware of groups who say they inject Botox®*, but have no clue what it does, how it works or how much do you need.

What factors should you consider if you are to get cheap Botox®* treatments?

  • Is it really Botox®* which is to be injected?

Botox®* is a brand name and is known as the highest quality botulinum toxin injectable for its long lasting effects and safety. Another brand is BoCouture which is more or the less the same in quality.  A low price is a warning sign and you should question whether you are actually getting the Botox®* brand, another inferior product or even a counterfeit Botox®* product. Other brands botulinum toxin have different levels of activity and effectiveness. You should ask to see the box and the bottle from which the Botox®* was drawn at the time of injection.

Many lower grade Botox®* injectors use a cheap substitute which costs them a lot less, often bought online without a prescription. Amongst the obvious risks, the other thing to take into consideration is how long the results will last as it could be just a few weeks rather than 4-6 months and with continued use could actually make you look worse.

  • Does the practitioner openly discuss the risks and complications of the treatment?

It is important that the person who is injecting Botox®* should know all the risks and complication and also how to solve these should they occur.  As a patient you need to make an informed decision and sign a consent form, as well as give your medical history.

  • Does the practitioner try to pressurize you for treating other wrinkles which you don't want to treat?

If they are trying to make more money off the treatment and putting pressure this is definitely a red flag and could show that they are putting commerciality above ethics.

  • Do they have a landline and a real clinic address?

Do your research properly first.

What Could Go Wrong with Cheap Botox®*?  

Cheap Botox®* can cause adverse reactions and in the wrong hands, i.e. it can be injected into the wrong place leaving lumps and bumps you never had before. It may cause the eye to close or the eyebrow to droop if the Botox®* injector is off by a just quarter inch because the wrinkles which are best treated by Botox®* are very close to eyes (the crow’s feet, frown lines and the forehead wrinkle). So the injector must know exactly where to place it and the most importantly, how much to use.

An unskilled injector might leave you lopsided or with asymmetrical results. There is an artistry involved in this and only a skilled practitioner can give the desired results.

If it is used to soften the appearance of neck bands improperly, it may cause the inability to swallow. The risk of infection is also higher and, as mentioned, if you are lucky enough to get a good result, these may not last as long making the seemingly more expensive option actually cheaper in the long run.

So you should look for a reputable clinic which is run by by a established and fully qualified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon and avoid 'Botox®* chop shops' to avoid potential complications which can occur with cheap Botox®*.

Botox®* must be used only under a doctor or registered nurse’s care. It's important that injections be placed precisely in order to avoid side effects. Botox®* treatment can be dangerous if it's administered incorrectly. Ask for a referral from your primary doctor or look for a doctor who specializes in your condition and who has experience in administering Botox®* treatments. A skilled and properly certified doctor can advise you on the procedure and help determine if it best suits your needs and health.

Dr. Ashish Dutta- Founder/Chief Surgeon @ Aesthetic Beauty Centre has injected numerous Botox®* treatments over the past years with highly satisfactory results. Under his professional experience and guidance- Wendy Dutta being a qualified and registered nurse is the one who injects Botox®* in most cases.

To know more about Botox®* and the costs - feel free to book a consultation with us here


*Botox®* is a prescription only medicine