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What is Thighplasty or Thigh Lift Procedure?

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 10 April 2019


A thigh lift or ´Thighplasty´ is a procedure to improve and tighten the appearance of the thighs. Potential candidates for this procedure may have thighs that are dimpled in appearance or may appear flabby because of loose and inelastic skin due to significant weight loss. Thighplasty can also help in reducing the sagging of the inner and outer thigh areas. This procedure may be performed as a secondary treatment following removal of excess fat via liposuction. The skin excision should only be considered once the patient has recovered completely from the first operation. 

The procedure itself is carried out under sedation and takes around two hours, depending on the individual patient. The incisions used on the thigh can vary and the surgical professional will always consult with the patient beforehand to decide what is most suitable for their particular situation. The common types of Thighplasty are the ‘Inner Thigh Lift´, ‘Medial Thigh Lift´ and ‘Circumferential Thigh Lift’ which we will discuss now.

The ‘Inner Thigh Lift´ is a procedure that focuses on the inner thigh, whilst the ‘Medial Thigh Lift´ tightens the skin and fatty tissue on the upper areas of the inner thigh. A ‘Circumferential Thigh Lift´ tightens skin on the front and the outside of the leg

The ´Medial Thigh Lift´ tightens up the skin and fatty tissue on the upper area of the inner thigh. The incision is made from the rear of the groin to the buttock crease area. Again, the skin is lifted and excess skin and fatty tissues are removed. The tightening of this area improves the overall appearance of the upper inner thigh section. For the outer thigh, the procedure can involve lifting the whole thigh and buttock area and can involve longer incisions. This is a factor which can be discussed with your surgeon during the consultation.

In all cases and as a pre-operative measure, the thighs will be marked up with the patient standing so that in post-operative healing, the scar and any stitches will be hidden in the groin creases beneath the patient’s bikini line as the skin heals. General recovery times are between 7-14 days and any pain is appropriately managed by prescribed medication.

Patients should avoid leg movement and any associated post-operative bruising and swelling will settle within a month or so; with patients returning to their normal activities within four to six weeks. 

For further details or a consultation regarding a thigh lift or any other enhancement procedure, please contact us at the aesthetic beauty centre.