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What is Follicle Unit Extraction?

Posted by on 10 December 2015

For many Men, hair loss (technically referred to as Alopecia) can be a real source of frustration and it can often have an impact on a person’s self-confidence.

Hair restoration is just one of a number of services provided by the Aesthetic Beauty Centre. Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE), is a procedure performed by Dr. Dutta. He is one of only a handful of qualified cosmetic surgeons that can perform this minimally invasive technique across the North East of England.


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What is the procedure?

Follicle Unit Extraction involves harvesting individual healthy hair follicles. They are taken directly from the back and sides of the head and then inserted into the areas of the scalp where the patient is balding.

This method produces fantastic results with significantly reduced scarring compared to similar hair restoration treatments that also require surgery. This has been a significant factor behind the increased demand of Follicle Unit Extraction treatment over recent years.

Following the procedure, which can often take several hours, it is typical for patients to return to work three to five days after the surgery.

How do I start the process?

Before any cosmetic treatment takes place with the Aesthetic Beauty Centre, a qualified surgeon will outline the entire process, including potential side effects. Our surgeons operate out of a number of clinics in the UK, including two in the North East.

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