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Wendy Dutta For The Aesthetic Beauty Centre - Press Release May 2018

Posted by on 4 May 2018



Wendy Dutta is a professionally trained nurse and looks after the management and operational aspects at Aesthetic Beauty Centre. She has always been passionate about giving back something to the community and it is this innate compassion that first made her take-up nursing as a career in 1987. She went to Northumbria University in 1996 and successfully completed the Law degree LLB (Hons). A few years down the line she realised that medicine, in general, was primarily focussed upon the physical and functioning aspects of the patient. She went on to further train and educate herself in the field of cosmetic and aesthetic nursing where there are emotional and aesthetic benefits to the patient.

In 2012, Wendy successfully went through the Independent and Supplementary Nurse Prescribing Course from Durham University which has enabled her to prescribe independently. Of course, she can do this only within her sphere of competence after assessing the patient’s needs. Wendy recently received the PG Certificate from Northumbria University. This is the first year of her Master’s Programme in Aesthetic Medicine. This is the first cohort of nurses going through it and she has been commented on it. She is also an approved mentor for nurses doing cosmetic training.

Wendy is a member of PIAPA (Private Independent Practises Association) which generally covers North of England; and the BACN (British Association of Cosmetic Nurses) which is the largest professional association for nurses carrying out cosmetic treatments in the UK. These organisations also offer great assistance and advantages as they support nurses with regular and up to date information within the aesthetic, medical and non-surgical industry promoting effective and ethical practices. 

“I enjoy the variety of the treatments, along with the various surgeries and treatments we meet diverse section of the public, from post-pregnancy mothers who request breast augmentation or body sculpture to men who are losing confidence due to excess fat, or seeking guidance regarding Hair Restoration. We are all ageing and most people want to “grow old gracefully”, but some look for a little “natural looking” assistance along the way.” – Wendy Dutta (Chief Aesthetic Nurse).

One of the main challenges that cosmetic nurses are facing in the current climate according to her is the fact that the government has made it mandatory for Doctors performing cosmetic surgery are appropriately trained, qualified, accredited, appraised and audited and yet beauticians of regular salons all across can perform Botox, fillers and other aesthetic injectable treatments with no prior nursing experience. Wendy is strongly concerned with this scenario as she believes in the ethical aspects of medicine and treatment and these conditions could cause catastrophic complications in the future to patients who undergo such treatments from inadequately trained nurses and unqualified beauticians.

Wendy is a committed professional and brings in a tremendous discipline to the operational aspects of the brand. Aesthetic Beauty Centre currently has three branches (Newcastle, London and Sunderland). All surgical procedures are performed by Dr Ashish Dutta who is a highly respected and accredited Doctor and Brand Founder. Wendy’s regular day commences in the early hours of the morning with her fitness routine and starts working by 9 am each day. Most days she is in the clinic typically performing laser, resurfacing, injectable and skin tightening treatments. She is on the frontline and sees patients most days until 5 pm each evening. She divides her time between the Sunderland and Newcastle clinics so that both get the full benefit of her expertise and her presence.

Wendy relates very easily to people and loves to interact with the patients and clients and advise them on their aesthetic needs. She feels it is imperative to discuss every new patient’s concerns and needs openly in all her consultations. She ensures that she gives them the true perspective on the right kind of procedure they need with realistic expectations and to make them understand that the correction of a particular flaw can improve their physical looks but not change their lives.

She loves travelling to international and national conferences and seminars where she keeps

herself abreast of the latest industry workings and changes in technology and treatments which she is then able to bring back as value propositions for the brand. Her ethical mindset, her professionalism and her sense of easy-going yet no-nonsense attitude make her a valued and highly integral part of the Aesthetic Beauty Centre Team.


For further information, please contact;

Charles Daniel McDonald




  • Aesthetic Beauty Centres have three clinics spread across the UK which sees the esteemed Dr Ashish Dutta operate as chief surgeon in-residence

  • Botox is now considered to be part and parcel of the male grooming agenda.

  • The ´traditional´ procedures for cosmetic surgery are; breast enhancements, eye bag removal, liposculpture and Rhinoplasty (nose job).

  • Aesthetic Beauty Centres are able to perform modern and ´advanced´ surgical procedures such as 4D Vaser Liposculpture which involves minimally invasive surgery with only several hours downtime.

  • The main social-media outlets for Aesthetic Beauty Centre are as follows;


  • The most popular trending surgical procedures are;

  • FUE Hair transplants from £2000

  • 4D baby scan £180

  • Restylane dermal fillers from £300

  • PermaLip from  £1500

  • Thermage full face treatment  from £3000

  • Aptos Threading from £600

  • All treatments are subject to the terms and conditions set out by the Aesthetic Beauty Centres respectively.

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