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The Vampire Facelift - Nature's Answer To Botox and Fillers

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 6 September 2014

As one of the body’s key natural resources, we are familiar with the life-giving properties of blood. Now it is being used to breathe new life into your looks in the Vampire facelift.

Put aside thoughts of Count Dracula. Despite the sinister-sounding name, this treatment is becoming increasingly popular in Sunderland, Newcastle and throughout the northeast of England as an entirely natural way of enhancing your appearance. A small amount of blood is simply taken from the forearm and, following a carefully controlled process, injected back under the skin of the face to make it look fresher and more youthful.

The Vampire facelift (PPP/PRP) is offered at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre alongside a range of more conventional fillers, and it doesn’t appeal to everyone. Yet a growing number of clients specifically request it and are happy with how their looks are rejuvenated. The advantage is that nothing artificial is being put into your body, so the risks are reduced.



Dr Ash Dutta, a cosmetic surgeon at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre, said: “We draw about 28 to 30mls of blood and spin it in a centrifuge to separate the red and white blood cells from the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), which is what we inject. The principle is that when you cut yourself, the bleeding that happens brings in all the best healing proteins from your blood.

“PRP has been used for burn patients and in various types of operations to heal the injured or damaged area quicker. The healing time has been significantly reduced and the scars look better.”

When a client comes for an anti-ageing treatment, they might need advice on what may best suit their needs, and it is then that the experts at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre can help. The options include natural, artificial and autologous fillers, which, as in the Vampire facelift, are taken from a person’s own body. What is most suitable depends on the individual and which area they wish to target.

Dr Dutta, who works across Aesthetic Beauty Centre’s Sunderland and Newcastle clinics, said: “Fillers work best with lines on the lower half of the face. Most people come with an idea but we can talk them through their individual needs and what would work best for them. It’s all about which product you need to use for which particular area.”

Clients can rest assured that at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre, they are in safe hands. Whichever anti-ageing treatment they choose, they can be confident that it will be carried out with professionalism and care. Dr Dutta said: “It’s all about providing treatments in the right, ethical way, which is suitable to the wants and needs of the individual.”

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