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The Spider Web Facelift

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 19 March 2019

Ask any Structural Engineer, what is one of the strongest materials known to man? They will say the spider’s web. 

A new technique of skin rejuvenation and skin tightening has taken its inspiration from the humble spider´s web giving the name ‘spider-web facelift’. The technique, unlike other lifting surgeries, allows the patient to return to daily life right after the procedure with minimal downtime. This procedure is safe to be undertaken on virtually any part of the body.

The technique itself involves placing Polydioxanone sutures to sub-cutaneous tissue using very thin needles leaving a support structure beneath the skin. The Result of this is the tissue ‘knitting’ together, similar to the spider web-like Collagen production with the fibrosis growing around the sutures and creating a web like structure.

The ´Spider Web Facelift´ is a patented process that can be used in conjunction with Fat-Transfer to reverse the signs of ageing due to sagging skin and loss of volume. After all, we can´t defy the laws of gravity when it comes to sagging skin, but we can give it a much needed technological lift; with the advantage of achieving a younger look with the contouring producing a visible skin firmness without the scarring that is sometimes associated with invasive operative procedures.

The list of facial applications for this treatment is numerous; including wrinkles around the mouth area, sagging skin and a reduction in the volume of fat and jowls. This is not the limit of the treatment as the Spider-Web technique can also help the following conditions: Drooping eyebrows, frown-lines, forehand lines and hollows under the eyes, to name a few.

As with any aesthetic procedure, an initial consultation would take place with the aesthetic professional taking the measurements of your face in to account. Your complete medical history will be noted to ensure there are no potential problems that could affect or disrupt your chosen method of enhancement.

The procedure itself involves cleansing the face before the application of an anesthetic cream to numb the chosen area of enhancement. Once the effects of the cream takes place, thin needles are used to inject the Polydioxanone threads to stimulate the production of Collagen and fibroblasts with the associated growth factor encouraging a lifting effect, over time.

Natural fat is transferred to the area and as the skin tightens, subtle but defined improvements in skin and tissue tone will be expected. Although the procedure lasts well under an hour, the final visible results can take around 6 months to develop

The treatment is anticipated to last 2-3 years, dependent upon your Collagen production. It is advised that patients should carry on with their regular moisturiser. The safety of this technique means that it’s repeatable, should the need arise in the future.

If you would like any further information or to book a consultation with Dr Ash Dutta please contact the Aesthetic Beauty Centre