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The Cult Of Botox

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 27 May 2018

The Cult Of Botox

If you have grown up in the era of cable TV and numerous repeats, then the idea of cosmetic enhancement might have been dutifully clouded by images of fur-clad and diamond encrusted starlets emerging into a haze of photographers’ lenses from trendy body shaping boutiques, before being ushered into the back of a four-block long limo. Thankfully, that era has passed and the possibility and acceptability of major or even minor cosmetic assistance either as a medical necessity (plastic surgery) or just to become more aesthetically desirable (cosmetic surgery) has finally percolated down to the everyday working class public.

After lusting and flicking over the glossy online pages of the popular press and seeing the fulsome enticement of collagen-enhanced lips with perfect (albeit, airbrushed) skin, I slowly came around to the realization that there was indeed nothing wrong with giving mother nature a nudge with a beautifully moisturized hand.

Even those of us who sit just outside the teen spirit (but not quite what used to be called ¨Middle aged”), have found the reappraisal of the ‘B’ word or Botox mentally, if not financially reassuring. In this modern world of singletons, high rent apartments and selfie generations - the pressure on oneself to look and more importantly feel good both at work and at play have never been greater.

Part of the underlying problem has been the ¨always on aspects¨ of a worldwide community, thanks to the internet. We can now see the cult of celebrity from birth to death and everything in-between and consciously or not, we align ourselves with the beautifying factions we see laid many times, quite literally, bare before us. This, in turn, has forced millions of us of all genders to seek solace and enhancement at the gates of the cosmetic gurus that cover the cities on now almost each and every corner.

After all, if budgets are limited - does it not make economic sense to have a little Botox ‘top up’ every now and then especially when the results of frown and forehead lines and crows feet can be instantly ‘cured’ or at the very least stopped in their tracks without the need for monthly visits to the altar of La Mer?

For just a little discomfort and no downtime, the Botox stagecoach was my salvation. And, judging by this feeling of a new, more confident me that other people have noticed both physically and mentally, then yes it is worth it. Youth can be wasted on the young, but it’s the feeling of vitality and confidence that should be accessible to anyone of any age and gender. Thanks to Botox.

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