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The Appeal Of The Silk Peel Facial

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 11 October 2017

The Silk Peel Facial

The highly innovative facial treatment known as the Silk Peel has been developed as a virtually painless natural skincare technique that is a viable alternative to the traditional facial chemical peel .The procedure is a safe way of enhancing the texture and appearance of the skin using only water and oxygen combined with other natural vitamin infusions and other tried and tested ingredients for the treatment of problem skin. The Silk Peel treatment improves the skin by deep cleaning, exfoliating, hydrating and oxygenating it thus improving the texture and tone with each application.

The Method

The innovative method of Silk Peel uses an ergonomically designed hand applicator to create an accelerated stream of saline micro droplets that travel at up to 200 m/per second that quite literally blasts away the dead cells of the skin when applied directly to it, leaving the new surface smooth and invigorated. The procedure also humidifies the applied area leaving it suitable for toning and deep moisturizing of the applied area.

Clients Frequently Asked Questions;

What Skin Conditions Is The Silk Peel Suitable For?

The procedure is very effective for enhancing the skin texture, reducing the presence of wrinkles, removing present pigmentation and helping to revitalize tired skin. It is helpful with blackheads, acne and other common surface blemishes and removes them without discomfort to the client.

What Sensation Will I Feel During The Procedure?

Using the advanced hand applicator, the Skin Technician uses gentle pressure to scan and wash the skin. The skin will feel cool and soothing with the treatment as the device scans and washes debris away while at the same time cleansing clogged pores. The treatment massages your skin, helping circulation and enhancing it with a smoother more vibrant appearance.

How Many Silk Peel Treatments Are Needed?

The treatments are applied in a series of sessions with the client scheduling a maintenance session every few months as a ‘top up’ to keep skin clear and maintain lustre. The downtime is minimum with the skin returning from a pink tone during the treatment to normal healthy coloration within 30 minutes.

What Areas Of The Body Can Silk Peel Be Used On?

Virtually any area of the body requiring smoothing ,hydration and deep cleansing can benefit from the application with acne treatment and deep pore cleaning being two of the most popular.

What Are The Uses Of Silk Peel Treatment?

Although a treatment in itself for numerous skin problems, the Silk Peel can be complimentary to IPL or Intense Pulsed Light treatment procedures depending on the specific skin condition .Patients are accurately assessed for their specific treatment needs .The highly accurate Silk Peel 3V high speed infusion technology delivers water and oxygen that are essential to cellular repair and growth.

Your local Silk Peel Treatment Technician will be more than happy to discuss client requirements and recommend a treatment for any general or specific skin problems applied with a minimum of inconvenience or discomfort.