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The Advancements Of Anti-Ageing II – Our Changing Face

Posted by on 23 June 2018


A new product which aims to eliminate or considerably reduce fat retention is generating a lot of interest from its licensees, cosmetic industry innovators, Allergan. The injection, called Belkyra was recently launched in the United Kingdom and its makers claim that it will ‘confidently reduce or dissolve away unwanted deposits of fat from many areas of the body, from everything including double chins and man breasts through to fatty stomach deposits. A similar product called Aqualyx has been already available in the UK for the last couple of years.

The treatment has already received the revered seal of approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is widely expected to be adopted across the pond as a safe and approved method of significantly dissolving these localized and more stubborn fatty deposits. It is known as Kybella in the USA.

The product has as its base material, Deoxycholic acid which has been thoroughly re-appraised, purified and adapted for today’s more discerning Millennial clientele, with the result that all its treatments and ‘blog’ reviews have been positively welcomed. Although these initial injections can cause a fair amount of swelling and stinging, once the product sets to work and swelling subsides, the more stubborn fatty deposits are broken down and can be metabolised via normal bodily processes.

As an example; two courses of these injectables would be needed to treat a double chin at a cost of around £600, which sounds very competitive for a virtually non-invasive procedure. Plus, these treatments sit hot on the ‘top body trends’ for other areas of the body, which mean that universally, they can offer equally exciting results which allows them to compare quite favourably to other procedures such as Liposuction on the stomach and Gynecomastia (male breast areas).

However, Belkyra isn’t the only single kid on the beauty block. The product, Aqualyx, is also a fat reduction medium and is widely available and approved for clinical use and it has been successfully applied to jaw-line sculpting for several years now. With regards to current costs, think around £600 per double chin treatment and for an additional cost, this treatment can also be extended to the jowl area of the face.


Cellulite Care

The golden phrase ‘no pain, no gain’ can be applied to the latest Cellulite busting procedure, Cellfina. A very fine miniaturized scalpel is used to physically cut through the fibre sinue that reinforces the fat layers and collectively form the corresponding cellulite deposits. A little research is required here however, with potential clients needing to be made aware that although the procedure can be painful, even after the application of a topical anaesthetic. It is however having good reviews so far with top Harley Street practitioners charging fees of around £2000-3000 for the procedure.


Vaginal Rejuvenation

The on-going love affair slash trend towards the ‘rejuvenation’ of the intimate vaginal area grows unabated. It can be inevitable, that as a woman ages and especially after childbirth, prolapse and incontinence can be an unpleasant but natural side effects. The good news is that current and emerging treatments using Lasers or RF probes can help to tighten and strengthen the vaginal area. The treatment is widely available through consultation with a registered cosmetic surgeon, anywhere from £2000, for the confidence and peace of mind it brings.