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The 24 Hour Boob Job

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 8 November 2017

24 Hour Boob Job - Breast Enhancement

‘The 24 hour Boob Job´ is the new surgical craze that has gripped the cosmetic world by storm of late. The treatment works by the injection of a sterile saline solution into the breast that is absorbed within 24 hours. The attraction to the procedure is that women can see relatively ‘instant’ breast enhancement without undergoing invasive surgery and thus can make a more informed decision about undergoing a breast augmentation.

One unexpected result of this new treatment as reported by the international Western media is that injections became a lifestyle issue when the treatments became well known as temporary augmentation and is being used for attending special social events such as weddings, parties and quite literally enhancing the holiday weekend when money was no object to the results achieved.

Breast augmentation via injection can range from £1,900 comparable with the ‘Macrolane filler’ technique developed in Europe, but not approved in the United States; the surgical jury still out on safety concerns for filler usage. But by far growing in popularity is Fat Transfer to Breast which avoids the use of traditional breast implants. Fat grafting is FDA approved and can be “an excellent alternative for suitable patients who want a more modest increase in breast size”, according to Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Edwards. However, he’s more conservative about the benefits of saline injections for temporary breast enhancement. "You’re altering the architecture of the breast and you may be taking away some intrinsic support by stretching the skin out", he quoted.

Clients who may have reservations about any or all of the breast enhancement techniques may be pleased that technology has come to the rescue before succumbing to the knife or syringe. There are many new 3-D scanning and imaging systems available to cosmetic surgeons that will allow prospective clients to have a 3 dimensional image of what their breasts would look like post enhancement. One such system is called VECTRA from Canfield Scientific and can show the results onscreen of prospective body contouring to well and truly put a client’s mind at rest. The Aesthetic Surgery Journal reassuringly found that 3-D imagery was over 90% accurate in postoperative breast contouring imagery. A reassurance that would certainly last longer than 24 hours.

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