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Aesthetic Beauty Centre Introduces the REVOLUTIONARY SILHOUETTE FACELIFT

Posted by Dr. Ashish Dutta on 29 March 2017

At Aesthetic Beauty Centres, we offer a wide range of non-surgical facelift solutions to reverse the signs of aging and help you look as young as you feel. If you would like to restore a more youthful appearance, but prefer to avoid extensive plastic surgery such as a traditional facelift, then a ´Silhouette Lift´ (PDO Thread Lifting) may be the right option for you.

Thread Lift

What is a Silhouette Lift?

The Silhouette Lift is a non-surgical, minimally invasive facelift procedure that uses special suture threads to ´lift up´ sagging skin on the neck and face. The procedure is less time-consuming than a traditional facelift, and there is virtually no recovery or downtime. The end result is a more refreshed, relaxed, and youthful appearance.

Your Silhouette Lift is completed in 2 stages. During the first stage, a surgeon will insert the Silhouette Lift threads into the facial region you would like to rejuvenate. Over the next 3 months, these threads will integrate with your facial tissue. Once this integration is complete, you will return to the clinic to complete phase 2 of your procedure, where the surgeon will pull the threads tight to achieve your desired lifting effect.

The Silhouette Lift can be performed as a stand-alone procedure or in conjunction with a facial fat transfer procedure for enhanced results.

Gillian Taylforth

Am I a Silhouette Lift Candidate?

The best Silhouette Lift candidates are in good physical condition and have normal skin thickness. If you had a prior surgical facelift and are currently experiencing sagging skin, you may be an ideal candidate.

This procedure is also an excellent option for younger men and women who would like to delay the signs of aging or achieve subtle rejuvenation results in the brow, cheek, jowls, or neck.

Silhouette Lift Benefits

There are many benefits to choosing the Silhouette Lift to achieve your facial rejuvenation goals;

*  Achieves excellent results for men and women between the ages of 40 and 70
*  Facial volume is redistributed, restoring a youthful appearance
*  Corrects mid and lower face drooping
*  Smoothens prematurely aging skin
*  Minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment
*  No general anaesthesia required
*  Short recovery and minimal downtime
*  Less swelling, bruising, and discomfort than a traditional facelift
*  Will stimulate collagen production for a lifted effect
*  Immediate results, with additional lifting effects achieved over time

To find out if a Silhouette Lift is the right option for you, please contact any one of the Aesthetic Beauty Centres for a free consultation.