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Should I Or Shouldnt I?

Posted by Sophia Wright on 23 May 2015

No matter how organised we may be in our day to day lives there’s something about cosmetic surgery that plants an indecisive characteristic in us. We ponder and we go back and forth to our 4th and 5th consultation begging that it spontaneously gives us our decision.

Rightly so, cosmetic surgery is definitely not to be taken lightly, no matter how big or small. It’s a shame that the horror stories we see are shone so brightly in comparison to the thousands and thousands of success stories. When all of the healing is over the patient has triple the confidence and in my opinion that is worth everything.

Sometimes it takes us weeks or months to decide. As time goes on the idea dwindles down on our list of priorities as we say to ourselves “I’m fine the way I am” or “I don’t really need to have it done” Which is completely fine, finally you have an answer. Months pass, and we start to think the same not so confident thoughts “I wish my boobs were just a little bit bigger” or “I really need to get rid of this fat or I will not be seen in my bikini”. Our self confidence spirals down until we think the idea over again.

My point is definitely not that you must go and have the procedure right away. You make sure you ask yourself the most important questions. Is it going to give you more self confidence? Make you happy within yourself? Do you feel reassured and safe with the doctor you have spoke with? Is he/she reputable? And finally will it wipe those reoccurring negative thoughts away? If yes is your answer to them all, then what are you waiting for?  Only go ahead if you are happy, excited probably slightly nervous, most importantly that you feel safe and very well looked after.

Dr Dutta is one of the most well known in his field and will give you as much of his time and information as he can. One thing we strive for is that they are 100% comfortable and sure. If there is a procedure you are interested in then we would be more than happy to hear from you. We live in a world where we can take away or discreetly enhance areas that we are not happy with and more often than not the one thing people notice afterwards is our beaming smile.