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Save Face accreditation for the Aesthetic Beauty Centre

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 7 October 2017

Save Face

A proud achievement in the form of Save Face accreditation has been awarded to the Aesthetic Beauty Centre.

The recognition is committed to “only connecting consumers with practitioners that are all regulated healthcare professionals who meet best practice standards.”

To attain such status, clinics are reviewed through a validation process that insists upon visiting each practice individually and measuring the application of relevant policies and procedures within the industry.

The Aesthetic Beauty Centre clinics in Sunderland and Newcastle are already CQC registered and boast a 5-star rating on the Right Clinic cosmetic comparison website.

Dr Ashish Dutta, the founder of the Aesthetic Beauty Centre, already holds many noteworthy titles within the industry, including ‘Secretary, European Society of Aesthetic Surgery’, ‘Secretary, British Association of Body Sculpting’ and ‘Education Committee Chair, World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery’.

For assessment purposes, only nurses with the correct clinical experience and training, are responsible for thoroughly assessing every Save Face accredited practitioner against their regulatory standards.

This comprehensive assessment process ensures transparency, consistency, impartiality and objectivity.

Dr Christian Jessen, best known from Channel 4’s hit shows Embarrassing Bodies and Supersize v’s Superskinny, explains why you should use Save Face when selecting a cosmetic practitioner.