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Real Lives Real Stories Real Results From Aesthetic Beauty Centre

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 2 August 2017

¨ Tell me, I´ll forget. Show me, I´ll remember. Involve me¨, I´ll understand, is a simple yet powerful Chinese proverb. Case studies and leading by example are the most powerful forms of engagement and education.

Real Lives, Real Stories, Real Results 2.jpg

Today, the Aesthetic Beauty Centre is leading the way in the promotion and advertising of cosmetic surgery on the digital and social media platforms. ‘Case Studies´ involving ´real life´ stories from clients who have been through the process of cosmetic (plastic) surgery, from the initial consultation to the completed result are educating and delighting their increasing number of followers and clients.

Several dozen subjects (and growing) have signed up to be featured on Aesthetic Beauty Centre YouTube channel and also advertised across their broad spectrum of social media. The most popular treatments on their actions still remain breast augmentation, nose jobs (Rhinoplasty), VASER Lipo-sculpture, skin smoothing (Botox) and cosmetic / lip fillers (Restylane). Each of these treatments has various case studies for subjects from every lifestyle available to view.

In addition to these testimonials, Aesthetic Beauty Centre is also offering free consultation and advice sessions for potential clients. One such candidate, Craig said ¨Go for it. If you want to have it done, then do it. Don´t let anyone put you off. A consultation with the Aesthetic Beauty Centre will confirm all this to you like it did to me.¨ This level of clarity and feedback is steadily replacing the traditional ´static´ before and after images which used to adorn the surgeons waiting room tables and providing greater education and confidence into a domain which was once only for the very discreet and the very rich.

Real Lives, Real Stories, Real Results.jpg

The Aesthetic Beauty Centre is certainly one of the UK´s most digital media savvy cosmetic surgery groups. All of their clinics specialise in the ´traditional procedures´ from breast augmentation to the new and revolutionary 4D Vaser Liposculpture and hair transplant techniques. The Aesthetic Beauty centre has the ability to execute all of the traditional and modern forms of invasive and non-invasive cosmetic surgery, to the satisfaction of their clients.