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Our Changing Face: Advancements In Anti-Ageing Part III

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 11 September 2018

Anti Ageing - Dr Ashish Dutta

All Over Body Conditioning

When the great British public was questioned about cosmetic surgery, they collectively responded with the notion that most of its perceived treatments were primarily related to the facial area and its features; but that could not be further from the truth, especially for women of all ages.

This corresponding surge in ´all over ‘treatments is quite literally covering the entire area of the body; from tip to enhanced toe and is also going hand in hand with the industries technological innovations which aim to improve the quality of aesthetic surgical life.

Air-Like Augmentation

However, this work on a new generation of body sculpturing is not without caution.

The new age of breast enhancement and implants are around 30 per cent lighter and as such a great effort has been made to make them more adaptable to fluorescence under mammogram procedures - meaning that any potential problems could be observed sooner rather than later and with less chance of infection; but caution is advised as long-term trials are still being carried out to verify such notions to a compliant level.

Lip Service

It seems these days that you can hardly swipe a Tinder profile or flick a lifestyle magazine cover these days without seeing the perfect pout of fuller lips. Women are literally flocking to have their lips surgically enhanced and as such, cosmetic surgeons worldwide are quickly becoming wise to of being wary of giving such treatments without proper advisories (in fact, some cosmetic practitioners are advising limiting the dosage of such lip fillers - in order to keep the proportion of the lip-to-face pout aesthetically acceptable as well as financially within the means of over-enthusiastic and easily impressionable youngsters flashing credit cards).


Boob and tummy tucks have always been in vogue and today, the pressure on practitioners to keep the technology moving along is a big business. Skin tightening and stimulation techniques are now available within the reach of most averaged salary workers with all costs being easily affordable to that of the price of a week’s sunshine abroad. Speaking of which, there are also talks of new sunbed techniques are replacing the traditional cancer-promoting high-pressure beds with a more energy efficient and less damaging LED clad interior, and it looks like this is set to dominate the industry during the course of this year. These beds use special red lighting to encourage Collagen production and firmer skin growth; plus they also reduce the inflammation that is so often associated with riskier traditional tanning procedures. The downside at the moment is a short half hour treatment can be around £80, making it a far from cost effective option.

Compliant Care

Ultimately, the media as a whole must bare some responsibility for this growth in

These cosmetic upgrades - although the one good piece of advice that must be given is that whatever the enthusiasm for certain procedures, it is essential that as a potential client you do some quality research on all potential treatments and ensure that you visit only an approved industry professional who will be concerned with your wellbeing and appearance post treatment and not just have an unhealthy interest in your ability to pay the current mid-market rate.