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Nose Thread-Lift: Bridging The Gap

Posted by on 22 February 2018

Nose Thread Lifting

There are several techniques to support the overall shape of the face, especially with the nose and the bridge of the nose being an aesthetic ‘anchor point’ for the symmetry of the face. With regards to the current trends within this field, here is a brief overview of several procedures currently available.

Nose Thread-Lift

A recent surgical development is the nose thread-lift. It is a surgical procedure to augment those individuals whose nose is less defined than usual and need a more shapely and  or prominent nose to balance the overall facial contour. Many surgeons use thread-lift as a more cost efficient alternative to nasal implants.

Short threads are placed from the nasal bridge or the nasal Columnella and the stacking or tightening of such threads allows the clinician to shape the outer structure of the nose to create the desired effect. The advantage of this technique is that it is a relatively quick procedure and shows the results almost immediately. However, like other techniques, there is always a risk of bruising and swelling, and skilled practitioners are ever more so adept at reducing the possible risk of threads extruding through the skin.

Nasal Fillers

This is a technique developed using Hyaluronic acid gels and Radiesse to correct bumps and lumps in the nose by smoothing the surface irregularities- creating the effect of a straighter and more shapely nose . The gels are applied via injections that, depending on their constituent parts, can last from around three to twelve months. For those worried at the thought of receiving injections in a sensitive area, you can be reassured by the application of an anaesthetic cream that creates a numbing effect in the treatment area. It is frequently classed as a lunchtime procedure and has the distinct advantage of being generally less expensive and less painful than a full Rhinoplasty operation [nose job].

Full Rhinoplasty

A full Rhinoplasty is a technique for correcting damaged or broken nasal areas that have suffered trauma, have defects or are possibly due to functional respiratory problems or simply for aesthetic reasons. The procedure is usually carried out under general anesthetic and aims to create a different and more pleasing overall appearance of the nasal area by separating the soft tissue and bone and repairing or refurbishing the nasal area in a better proportion that both compliments the face and reassures the client.

A full Rhinoplasty can take several weeks to heal and can be expensive, but the results can be dramatic and permanent. Whatever procedure the patient decides to undergo, it is vitally important to give thorough consideration to the various non-surgical and surgical options available. Any notion should be privy to sufficient research and consultation with experienced surgeons and professionals - before undergoing what is potentially a life changing procedure, but one that can hopefully enhance the physical and psychological life of the patient for many years to come.

At the Aesthetic Beauty Centre, your progress is reviewed on a regular basis through appointments with your surgeon. Before any cosmetic treatment takes place with the Aesthetic Beauty Centre, we will outline the entire process, including potential side effects. Our surgeon Dr Ashish Dutta, operates in a number of clinics in the UK, including two in the North East.

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