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Non - Surgical Cosmetic Treatments At Aesthetic Beauty Centre

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 6 April 2018

Everybody wants to look young and beautiful with a perfectly contoured body and healthy skin. But some people have an abundance of fear and anxiety when it comes to surgery, injections and even minor procedures, even if they are relatively free of significant pain.

It’s not uncommon to be mildly anxious and to want to fully research/understand the risks associated with cosmetic surgery before you make a decision, but if you’re really wanting to have that cosmetic procedure done and your fear is getting in the way, don’t forget that every procedure has at least one non-surgical alternative; and some that don't require even a single stitch.

So if you are looking for an athletic and younger looking appearance and wish to get back to normal daily life as soon as possible, then you can opt for a non-invasive, non-surgical cosmetic procedure at Aesthetic Beauty Centre.

Non-Surgical Procedure to contour your body

1.  Alidya®

2. Aqualyx

3. Carboxytherapy

4. Macrolane

Non-Surgical Procedure to contour your face

1.  Dermal Fillers

2.  Muscle Relaxing Injections- Botox®

3.  Facelift

4. Body Face Couture

Non Surgical treatments to restore and improve the appearance of your skin

1. Chemical Peels

2. Fraxel Laser Treatment

3. Microlaser Peel

4. TCA Easypeel

5. Exoderm Peel

6. Dermaroller -Microneedling

7. Microdermabrasion

8. IPL Photorejuvenation

9.  SmartXide

10. Thermacell

11. Vavelta

12. Lustre

13. Stem cell - TICEBA

14. BClear

15. ClearLight

16. Intense Pulsed Light

17. Sclerotherapy

18. VascuLight Vein Removal

19.Tattoo Removal - VersaPulse Laser

Non Surgical Procedure to restore your Hairs

1. PRP Therapy

Non-Surgical Procedure for Hair Removal

1. Laser Hair Removal

2. VascuLight Hair Removal

We checked out the latest game-changing cosmetic innovations, enabling you to look your best without the fear of invasive cosmetic surgery.

At Aesthetic Beauty Centre, your progress is reviewed on a regular basis through appointments with your surgeon/practitioner. Before any cosmetic treatment takes place with the Aesthetic Beauty Centre, we will outline the entire process, including potential side effects. Our surgeon Dr Ashish Dutta and practitioner Wendy Dutta, operate in a number of clinics in the UK, including two in the North East.

You can book your free consultation with us to know more about these non-surgical cosmetic treatments or call us on 01915672900.