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Micro Liposuction

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 18 January 2018

Micro Liposuction
This is a newly developed technique allowing surgeons to perform more delicate procedures on the neck, face and sensitive areas of the chin. The consequential reduction in the size of the overall procedure means clients enjoy very little swelling and subsequent scarring of tissue.

The Procedure 

The well-established liposuction use of tumescent fluid combined with tiny cannulae less than 2 mm in diameter allows for precision placement of the probe. It’s a procedure which is performed under local Anaesthetic and injected at the point of treatment as a tumescent fluid thus sealing off the blood vessels that can normally enhance bleeding. The cannula is inserted into the subsequent incision area and proceeds to break down the fatty cell deposits then the broken down fat cells are removed via suction. 

The Benefits Of Micro Liposuction

It has the very little discomfort of pain due to the smaller incisions reducing the risk of associated infections with any minimal scarring usually being able to be absorbed by the contouring of the client’s body. The reduction in the size of the surgical equipment allows for very precise placement of the treatment even in delicate areas of the body. Because the treatment is less invasive, there is far less ‘downtime’ for the patient which results in reducing stress, pain, and swelling and more importantly eating up less precious leave from employment. Most clients are able to resume their lifestyle within 3 days following the procedure. 

Disadvantages Of Micro Liposuction

With small incisions, very little localized damage can occur, but this makes the treated area prone to sensitivity and any external damage can cause the treatment area to become visible. The use of tumescent fluid in the procedure does mean that there is a potential risk of Lidocaine poisoning if the concentration levels in the fluid are too high, which is why finding an expert in the application of the Micro Liposuction technique is essential but can be difficult as sadly, at present there are no international guidelines for the procedure.