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Posted by on 2 May 2017


Ladies, you may be surprised to know what men talk about on ´a guy’s night out,´ besides women and sports ´Brotox,´ also commonly known to the rest of us as Botox (Botulinum toxin A). The long-time cosmetic enhancement procedure, often linked to women, has now reached a wide group of men who desire to appear more youthful. According to the British Association Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons the number of men undergoing Brotox has gone up 10 percent from last year, but why? Amid fear of competition with younger folk in the workplace and in their personal lives.

"Any man's afraid he's going to get bumped by somebody younger in business or personal life too. I think once he gets over the stigma of it being something feminine, I could see more men being drawn to it," said an unidentified man to BBC London. These fears are echoed in the office of Dr. Sutton Graham, plastic surgeon with the Aesthetic Centre for Breast and Cosmetic Surgery in London. Graham admits his clients express concern about their “employment and how it affects them in their job with their co-workers and with clients and people they meet.”

The Botox procedure takes about a few minutes, with no anaesthesia required. Patients will start to see results anywhere from three to seven days when the procedure begins to take effect. It is advised to avoid alcohol at least one week before treatment, and to stop aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications two weeks before treatment in order to reduce bruising associated with Botox.

Despite its rise in popularity because of its potential to give a ´youthful´ appearance, doctors believe Botox can give very good results if used to soften lines on the forehead. However, when it is injected into a lower part of the face, problems can arise. “This is what gives a frozen appearance, which I call ´celebrity face,´" he told the Daily Mail. While it might be wrinkle-free, it’s also expression-free. Practitioners must administer the Botox correctly by knowing where to inject it and how much of it to use to keep a ´natural look of the face.´

¨ It is recognised as the most common non-surgical treatment worldwide. It has gradually gained popularity and now used as a quick-fix solution to look fresher. There is a common misconception that Botox is sought after by women alone. It is far from the truth, there has been a year on year increase of Botox use in the male population and is now a part and parcel of the average male grooming agenda.¨ Dr Ashish Dutta.

Men have begun to adopt a more open attitude toward cosmetic procedures and have become more aware of the treatments available to them, as the age range of men being treated has widened. The BRO culture has fostered recent trends like the Hipster beard transplant, and now Brotox. The desire to climb the career ladder and keep up with the ´younger-looking´ has become the crucial reason why men opt for Botox as it's surgery-free. Now, both men and women vie to be the youngest and most desired of them all.

The Aesthetic Beauty centre in Newcastle has seen Botox treatments for males increase steadily over the past two years, with more men looking not only to achieve youthful skin, but also stake their claim across the media. Whatever your outlook on male beauty, one thing´s for sure - the future´s looking pretty.


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