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Living With A Secret Soul

Posted by on 7 July 2015

I wouldn’t class myself as a Vanity Fair reader but I couldn't wait to go out and buy the July issue, which looked at the challenging subject of gender reassignment surgery, something relevant to us here at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre.

Transgender has always been a touchy subject, with most people unsure how to even have a conversation about it let alone live with the issue. Caitlyn Jenner appeared on July's front cover of Vanity Fair, in my opinion looking very “at home” in her new appearance.

Photographed in a beautiful black gown by Zac Posen, and wearing Norman Silverman diamonds, Caitlyn brought a timeless elegance to the photo shoot of which Sophia Loren would be proud.

The only thing most of us have to worry about every morning is getting to work on time, or a hectic school run. Imagine waking up every morning feeling completely uncomfortable in your own skin, with the sense that there is something very incompatible with the person you really are and the body you live in. 

700.00 people in the USA are currently transgender. With one of the most masculine sporting athletes in USA history, the then “Bruce” Jenner who is now “Caitlyn” has brought a lot of attention to the transgender topic.

Married three times and a father of six children, not including his four stepchildren, his was a typically masculine lifestyle which he now admits to Vanity Fair was a disguise for the inner feelings about his true identity.

However, Caitlyn did not just let everyone know her lifelong secret, she wanted to physically look like the person she had hidden away for so long. If you have seen the Vanity Fair interview you would have seen that everything about the person that was before Caitlyn has gone. In preparation of her new “being”, she underwent 10 hours of facial feminisation surgery. I am assuming this also meant a lot of time spent in recovery, along with a high dose of pain medication.

There has been speculation over a lot of different motives that the former “Bruce” Jenner may have had. I don’t believe he has done this as a PR stunt or to seek attention. A surprising amount of people get to a certain age and think that it is too late to pursue a particular goal or dream. If anything, Caitlyn Jenner has shown that it is never too late to change your life, in whichever way that may be. Aside from the specific decision she made, I can only hope that her actions have given others the strength to make changes and decisions they never thought they could.