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Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 11 October 2019

Dr Ash Dutta is a cosmetic surgeon at Aesthetic Beauty Centre, home of the largest array of cosmetic lasers outside London. Here, he explains why lasers have grown in popularity, and the range of cosmetic applications for lasers that are now available.

Laser-based cosmetic treatments are growing in popularity all the time and it is a significantly growing industry – predicted to be worth $2bn by 2026.

It’s not difficult to see why aesthetic laser treatments are in such high demand: as a non-invasive procedure, lasers offer a number of benefits to patients, including permanent results (compared to off-the-shelf cosmetics), shorter appointments, quick results, reduced downtime and, in many cases, faster recovery.

At the Aesthetic Beauty Centre we offer a range of different treatments using lasers, and we are proud to be home to a large selection of aesthetic lasers.

Here are some of the laser-based services that we offer at Aesthetic Beauty Centre:

Fraxel Laser Treatment/Fraxel Laser Resurfacing

Fraxel laser is a safe, non-invasive laser skin treatment which restores your skin to its original texture: smoother, fresher, younger-looking with improved tone.

It erases unwanted brown spots, acne and surgical scars, smooths out fine lines/wrinkles, reduces large pores and skin discolouration.

Find out more here.

Hyperhydrosis Laser

Laser can be used to treat hyperhidrosis – or excessive sweating. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and takes less than an hour, with an expected reduction of 70-80 per cent in underarm sweating. The patient can resume normal activities within a few days and full recovery is expected in 1-7 days.

Find out more about it here.

Laser lipolysis

Laser lipolysis is laser-assisted liposuction, in which the SmartLipo laser causes the membrane of fat cells to break, transforming the cells into emulsion, which is removed by liposuction using a thin cannula. Laser lipolysis provides an effective means of reducing the fatty tissue deposits in smaller areas without the side effects associated with more aggressive surgical procedures.

It’s a complicated procedure and might not be suitable for every patient: find out more here.

Laser hair removal

This is one of the most popular laser-based treatments: a long-awaited solution to the age-old problem of unsightly hair on the face and body. Laser hair removal is popular because, with time, it will prevent stubble from appearing at all. We also offer services that can target the really fine hairs that other solutions leave behind.

Find out more about laser hair removal here.

Laser tattoo removal

This is another of the better-known laser-based treatments. The growth in popularity of tattoos means there has also been a rise in the number of people who regret their choices, especially when tattoos have been applied to prominent areas of the body such as the face, neck, hands or arms.

We offer an excellent laser tattoo removal service which you can read more about here.

SmartXide - DOT Laser Skin Resurfacing & Rejuvenation Technology

SmartXide is the most effective way in which to treat a variety of skin damages resulting from factors such as sun damage, acne scarring, differential textures, pigmentation, enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles and skin laxity which primarily occurs on the areas of the body relating to the face, neck, chest, arms and hands. SmartXide also comes with associated minimal downtime or post-treatment scarring.

Find out more here.

Microlaser peel

We are now able to treat a variety of skin, hair, vein, and body contouring problems in all age groups, quickly and with minimal downtime. Treatments include: Clearscan for both hair removal and vascular conditions. TheremaScan for non-ablative wrinkle, scar and acne treatment and Contour which is very popular for laser peels and skin scar revision.

Find out more about our microlaser peel services here.

To discuss any of the above or to have an informal chat about your options for any of our surgeries or treatments, you can contact us here.