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Laser Life

Posted by Aesthetic Beauty Team on 29 May 2015

As June falls, the sun starts to flicker through our window at 5am instead of 8am, and we know that summer has almost reached us again.

With longer days and brighter evenings ahead of us, thoughts inevitably turn to your summer wardrobe and swapping trousers, jeans and tights for summer dresses, skirts and shorts. 

By now you're probably already thinking about any personal grooming you need to do to get ready for the season of exposed arms and legs, such as “book waxing appointment” to avoid the embarrassment of forgetting to shave your legs on that hectic Monday morning.

Silky Smooth 24/7

But what if you never had to worry again and your legs and underarms were silky smooth 24/7? Your summer closet would become a lot more summery, with the addition of pieces your self-esteem would not have previously allowed. 

If you are one of the thousands of women that also worry about a few dark hairs either side of your top lip, with laser hair removal you wouldn’t have to. After having Laser Hair Removal treatment you do have to stay out of the sun for up to one month. After having Laser Hair Removal you will find yourself not having to think of ways to conceal that unwanted hair. Although I have talked about this treatment specifically for women, of course Laser Hair Removal is for men as well. 

Give Your Inner Confidence a Lift

We pride ourselves on making our patients feel amazing and giving their inner confidence a lift. Laser Hair Removal is cost effective and just in time for summer. You are guaranteed to be thrilled with the results and will be immediately skipping to your favourite shopping destination.

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