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International Congress of the Instituto de Estudios Superiores en Medicina (IESM)

Posted by on 13 February 2015

As a cosmetic surgeon performing what can often be life-changing procedures, I feel it is incumbent on me to keep up to date with what is current in the field. I recently attended the 14th International Congress of the Instituto de Estudios Superiores en Medicina (IESM) in Mexico.

A centre of excellence for aesthetic surgery, the IESM brings together more than 850 cosmetic surgeons from all over the world at its high-profile congress.

This year, I attended for the first time and found it extremely worthwhile. I particularly enjoyed a lecture by Jamie Calderon, a true pioneer in facelift surgery.

During a five-day attachment with the Mexican surgeon, I was privileged to observe techniques marking the most important developments in minimally invasive surgery in recent years. I will certainly be looking at how to incorporate these innovations at my own clinics.

I am particularly concerned with such procedures as they can have drastic effects – both physical, and, crucially, psychological. It is vital that we, as practitioners, understand the full implications of this type of surgery and endeavour always to act responsibly and in our patients’ best interests. Only by treating patients as we would our own family can we ensure that the field of cosmetic surgery, yet to be recognised as a specialism, receives the respect it deserves.

I felt privileged to attend the congress – nowhere else in the world have I encountered such a high level of knowledge and expertise – and I sincerely hope that the IESM continues its vital work for many years to come.