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Inside Out Investigation Condemns Bogus Botox Parties

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 19 April 2016

An online platform that provides people with a safe and accessible service to find a cosmetic treatment practitioner has contributed to an investigation featured on the BBC’s Inside Out programme.

Save Face exposed two disgraced Nurses, that despite being struck off by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), continued to co-ordinate ‘Botox Parties’ in a large scale operation across the UK. After being deemed unfit to practice non-surgical cosmetic treatments, both nurses somehow managed to access the prescription only medicine. The pair falsely used their previous credentials to gain the trust of patients unaware of their convictions, deliberately deceiving and manipulating in order to perform the treatment illegally.

The documentary has contributed in highlighting the importance of educating patients to be able to identify a safe and reputable provider of treatment before committing to it.

Here at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre we wholeheartedly support the investigation and encourage people thinking about getting cosmetic treatment, be it surgical or non-surgical, to carry out their own process of due diligence and only visit qualified clinics for their own safety.

That is why we offer a free consultation to people considering such a procedure so we can discuss all aspects of the treatment with you and whether it's the correct treatment for you. Not only do we want our patients to feel comfortable at any one of our clinics, but we also want our patients to feel reassured that our advice is given by qualified and experienced medical experts with the individual’s best interests in mind.