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How to pick the right time for a tummy tuck?

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 12 July 2017

Many men and women opt for tummy tucks due to their life changing results, eliminating excess fat and skin allows patients to feel confident in their own skin and customise their wardrobe accordingly.

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A tummy tuck, or 'abdominoplasty', is a form of cosmetic surgery aimed at improving the shape of the tummy area. This can involve removing excess fat and loose skin or tightening the surrounding abdominal muscles. The procedure is best considered in instances such as after a pregnancy or after losing weight, when exercise alone cannot fight such excess skin. Patients who have reached their goal weight before surgery often see the best results as the procedure can be viewed as a body ‘contouring’ method as opposed to a weight loss fix.   

The treatment works by making incisions which then allow for the removal of fat and unwanted extra skin located on the abdomen. The abdominal muscles are pulled tightly and held together with permanent seams. The remaining skin is then pulled down towards the original incision where any extra skin is removed leaving reasonable/discreet scarring. You can watch our full treatment video guide to abdominoplasty here.

A tummy tuck is an extremely popular treatment due to the high rate of patient satisfaction and ultimately life changing results. Post-surgery, routine exercise, alongside a healthy, balanced, diet is very much recommended to maintain the most effective results.

Before opting for a tummy tuck there are several factors you should consider, as with any cosmetic surgery, especially an invasive procedure. The first part of your decision should always be choosing a highly accredited and reputable surgeon who will also provide attentive pre-and post op care. We are proud to say that our very own Dr. Ashish Dutta has over 16 years’ experience within the industry through which he has gained the following titles: Secretary, European Society of Aesthetic Surgery (ESAS), Secretary, British Association of Body Sculpting (BABS), Secretary, International Division of American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ID-ABCS), Education Committee Chair, World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (WAOCS). He is also the only surgeon within Europe to have been accredited by the American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery, a true testament to his dedication and expertise.

One other issue to contemplate is the amount of recovery time necessary after your procedure. Although each individual patient should be dealt with according to their specific and personal needs - we recommend a minimum of at least 2 weeks’ initial time off work. Our bodies all heal at different rates and there are several reasons why as an individual, your procedure may take longer to recover from; this can often be linked to the amount of fat/skin removed and whether liposuction was also required.

Swelling and some discomfort after surgery are both normal after a tummy tuck. It is also best not to focus on immediately weighing yourself as you will be retaining a lot of fluid for up to a month after your surgery.  

The Winter months can be a great time to undergo invasive surgery as patients can obtain a subtle recovery and be readily prepared to show off amazing results in the upcoming Spring/Summer.

If you are considering a tummy tuck or any other fat removing procedure, we offer a free consultation with Dr. Ashish Dutta to discuss your personal aesthetic needs and address any initial concerns you may have about surgery.

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