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How to avoid the trout pout with botox lip lift

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 12 November 2018

According to the international media, there is nothing sexier on both women and men than a pair of inviting full lips, especially when the rest of the personal package is perceived to be so perfect.

Within the industry, we have all read and heard horror stories about injectable filler procedures being so botched up that the pout has resulted in looking like a ´trout-pout´ with the injectable fillers not performing the way that they were intended to do. For those in search of a more permanent pair of luscious lips, there is now a procedure that can be undertaken safely and which will give long and more importantly natural looking results.

Welcome to the generation of the surgical lip lift. This permanent procedure is now so technically advanced that it can now allow patients regardless of age (but excluding minors) a visible change in their lip proportion and structure.

Many people are still a little hesitant about such permanent and highly visual procedures. The tried and tested Botox based ´Lip Flip´ is indeed a good choice  to allow its applicants to ´pucker up´ on a less permanent basis. This procedure is currently gaining popularity across America, with clients from their early twenties right up to Octogenarian’s taking advantage of this one stop method.

Part of the previous uncertainty about lip lifts is that clients that have had multiple injections of the previously established ‘classic’ fillers such as Belotero, Teosyal and Restylane. These patients have over time, experienced bruising and the repetitive application via needles or canula has ultimately caused less than satisfactory long term results - with an uneven displacement of material within the lip lines and vermilion borders. A good lip lift cannot just solve a self-confidence issue, but also physically create the correct amount of proportion and fullness for the upper lip region, avoiding the age related droop and enhancing the localized area, giving it just a hint of tooth view and adding to the overall visual sensuality of the smile.

What type of lip lifts are available? 

There are several types of lip lifts available, with one of the most popular being the ´Bullhorn Lift.´ This is a method that shortens the distance between the lip edge and nose using an incision that resembles the bull’s horns and allows the top lip to be lifted, thus allowing a more pleasing smile. The pros and cons of this method depend very much on the skill of the Cosmetic Surgeon, who must judge perfectly just how much tissue to remove to balance the smile and is not for the faint hearted. The exception and refinement to this technique is the ´Italian Lip Lift.´ Here, the surgeon makes two small incisions below the nostrils allowing the scarring to be less visible vertically than the horizontal ´Bull Lift´ technique, but the central cupid bow area of the upper lip is left totally alone and the results are more delicate either side of the central line of the smile. 

Delicacy and subtlety are also the order of the day with the ´Corner Lip Lift´ and this is generally required by the more mature client. The procedure corrects drooping at the corners of the mouth by removing troublesome areas of skin at either side of the lip line, but a great care must be shown in ensuring that the incisions are just right, so as not to spoil the aesthetics of a more mature face. 

One final option is to use donor tissue from the body of the patient to increase the fullness of the lips. This tissue is removed from the facial area in strip form and placed within the lips during a routine face-lift. There is also a similar technique which involves taking fat from the lower abdomen and is now a common procedure. However, this dermal fat graft can have varying levels of success when compared to the former technique which is referred to as a ´Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System’ (SMAS) graft. As with most procedures, although lip lifts can only take under an hour, the recovery time can involve a degree of swelling and tightness of the area for around 3-6 weeks. Costs vary depending on the procedure and the best advice is to consult with your professional Cosmetic Clinic and Surgeon, so you can achieve the best result that looks most natural for you and not your preferred actress. 

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