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Has She or Hasn’t She?

Posted by Sophia Wright on 19 June 2015

The term breast augmentation has unfairly taken the stereotype of over the top or large breasts, which in most cases are not in proportion to the patient's natural frame.

The Daily Mail, Pinterest and Instagram are full of “perfect” female forms and why wouldn’t you want that for yourself? I know only too well the feeling of putting on a dress that doesn't hang properly and padding my bra every day because there’s nothing to fill it. Understandably, you would approach the idea of breast augmentation with caution, keen to avoid a scenario of waking up with breast implants that are too large and uncomfortable. 

I was reading an article about a “boob boosting” procedure that is taking the world of celebrity by storm and realised it's very simple. The procedure is exactly the same as any other breast augmentation, the only difference being that the implants are small. Subtly is the clearly the new approach. 

If you are looking for an amazing confidence boost along with a firmer, curvier bust, without a large size increase, then this procedure is for you. A lot of patients may choose to go up just one full cup size and, in some cases, even less. The procedure has also been referred to as the “secret boob job” with celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Frankie Stanford and Hayden Panitiere all rumoured to have undergone the procedure.

Although the price is the same as any other breast augmentation, the recovery time is much faster. It only makes sense with the smaller implant for a subtle and more natural look in proportion to your figure.

For me personally, the decision to go ahead with the procedure is the best I ever made. I constantly keep people guessing about whether I have or have not had the procedure done. I was happy from start to finish and I find myself looking forward more confidently to my annual beach holiday - and bikini shopping!

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