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Happiness Shining Through

Posted by Sophia Wright on 12 June 2015

The Aesthetic Beauty Centre, not your ordinary cosmetic beauty clinic. There is no “in and out” feel even on the busiest of days.  Ran by a very close team that brings a real sense of care to the Aesthetic Beauty Centre. Knowing Dr Dutta since I was a young girl and hearing nothing but kind words about him that most people wouldn’t know, so I jumped at the chance be a part of the team.

This story is about everything that the Aesthetic Beauty stand for. Inner confidence that shines out, changes patients lives for the better.  I had met Lynn Kirwan a few times as she came to her review appointments and noticed her vibrant personality.  She was only too happy for me to write this story about her procedure and experience with the Aesthetic Beauty Centre.  Lynn opted for a “Mini Abdominoplasty”

What made you want to have the procedure?

Lynn: There were a few reasons. I was heavily overweight and everyday life was so uncomfortable. I managed to lose four stones a few years ago, I put two stones back within a year. Another reason was when my Father was around, I would always say to him when you pass on and leave me all your money, I am going to get rid of this. He passed away not long ago, so I thought what better way to spend the money from him to make me feel better about myself.  I was just so unhappy with myself.

What would you feel would benefit you having the procedure?

Lynn: I just had a feeling that my life would change drastically, for the good. I wanted to be happy. I didn’t want to be skinny or look like a completely different person. However I did ever so much want to feel like a different person.  It was also about my health. I kept the whole thing from my husband at the early stages of thinking about the procedure, when I did tell him he was elated that it would probably improve my health.

How did we as a clinic make you feel? 

Lynn: From the moment I first met Dr Dutta I just had this amazingly overwhelming feeling that I was making the right decision, that he was the surgeon to go with. He was very welcoming and made me feel at ease immediately. My husband rarely comments about people, even he said that he thought Dr Dutta was very nice man and seemed very genuine with my best interests at heart.

How did the procedure go?

Lynn: I was under local anesthetic, meaning I was still awake through the whole procedure. Dr Dutta kept checking that I was okay every few minutes and Wendy was incredible. She was like Florence Nightingale, she couldn’t do enough for me.

It may sound strange but the only way I would describe my feeling throughout the entire process, is that I felt Dr Dutta was making a special effort just for me. I am sure he is the same with all his patients but I felt very special indeed.  After been in surgery for five hours, the first thing Dr Dutta did was went downstairs and made me tea and toast. In my opinion, any other surgeon would ask one of his team to do that. To me that signified my whole experience, an amazing team who worked together to make sure I was one very happy and comfortable patient.

How happy are you now?

Lynn: I honestly could not be happier, its ironic because I had all of my weight taken away around my stomach, so you can definitely see the difference. The one thing people keep mentioning is my face. How my face has changed and how well I look. I have had people say that I am glowing and they’ve never seen me smile so much. I have bought fitted dresses and I never ever used to buy anything that was fitted. I have bought a few jumpsuits, the change in my outlook on life is amazing. I am going to Benidorm in two weeks and can’t wait to wear my clothes. I never set out to be skinny, I just wanted to lose all the weight I was carrying around on my stomach, to me that would make me happy. I don’t think that I would have any other procedure done because I am so happy right now. However, if I was I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else but the Aesthetic Beauty Centre. If you would like a funny fact I have my son’s wedding soon, I happen to be wearing the same dress I bought when I lost 4 stones a few years back.

I am so pleased I was able to share my story because people need to know just how amazing the Aesthetic Beauty Centre really is. Thanks to them I have my life back and cannot wait to make more memories. 

If you would like to experience a similar journey to Lynn then please do not hesitate in contacting us today.