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Hair Transplant Cost

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 11 July 2017

“How much do you charge per graft?” is the most common question asked during consultations we have with our patients who are interested in hair restoration surgery.

Before telling you the cost we want to make clear the fact that charging for hair transplants ‘by the graft’ or ‘by the hair’ does not always give patients the same value for money.

Charging by the hair or the graft can be confusing and misleading to some patients who may not differentiate the number but instead may feel it is the same. This is because the number of grafts to be transplanted does not correlate to the number of hairs you will get; so firstly you should know the difference between a hair and a graft.

A graft is sometimes called a follicular unit prior to extraction. Hairs grow as follicular units and generally, a single follicular unit (hair graft) contains 1-4 hairs. For example, 1000 hairs may mean you are getting only about 500 grafts.

So one ought to be aware of being sold more grafts as it is clearly stated above there is a high possibility you get at least twice the number of hairs from these implemented grafts. Survival of grafts is also an issue, as all grafts may not survive.

Generally, the cost of hair transplant depends upon the following factors:

1) The number of grafts (hair follicles) to be transplanted.

2) The method of extraction (FUT or FUE).

3) Type of hair transplantation (FUT, FUE or biofibre implant)

3) The experience of the surgeon.

4) UK or abroad.

So the answer varies for different patients and/or clinics. But an average cost of hair transplant is between £3 to £5 per graft.

Nowadays the cost of hair restoration surgery has reduced considerably over recent years as more clinics have acquired the advanced technology to carry out techniques such as FUE, and the industry has become more competitive.  

There is a pattern to male balding and this is measured using the Norwood scale (for females it is the Ludwig scale); the price tends to vary accordingly.  

Ludwig Scale:

        1.Mild           2.Moderate         3.Severe         4.Frontal         5.HairlineScreen Shot 2015-05-28 at 3.21.50 pm

Norwood Scale:

Norwood Scale

Norwood 2: Early receding hairline.The hair is receding in a wedge-shaped pattern: 800-1000 grafts. The cost of a hair transplant will be £2,250 to £4,000.

Norwood 3: Receding hairline. The Same receding pattern as Norwood 2, except the hairline, has receded deeper into the frontal area and the temporal area: 1000-1,600 grafts. The price for hair transplantation, in this case, will range from £2,700 to £5,000.

Norwood 4 and above: Male pattern baldness (Androgenic alopecia) including crown – 2000+ grafts. You can expect to pay between £5,250 and £7,500.

FUT hair transplant Cost:

The FUT technique requires less time from your surgeon, so it costs a little less comparatively. It may be difficult to predict the exact number of grafts that will be obtained from each strip and more hair transplant technicians may be needed. At Aesthetic Beauty Centre price for FUT/STRIP £3.00 for 1st 500 Grafts after this £2.50 subsequent grafts.

FUE hair transplant Cost:

FUE is one of the most advanced and successful hairs transplant methods so the cost is comparatively high. The cost of hair transplants by FUE also depends on the source of the hair grafts, for example using body hair units may increase the cost. The cost for hair transplantation by FUE is usually charged per grafts. An average session of FUE will cost between £2,000 and £7,000. At Aesthetic Beauty Centre price for FUE is £3.50 for 1st 500 Grafts after this £3.25 for subsequent grafts.

We focus on realistic outcomes and make this very clear to all our patients.

The key is to understand that male pattern hair loss is progressive and genetics play a crucial role in determining future loss and current approach to treatment. Some patients may need multiple sessions to create a fuller, natural hairline rather than more number of grafts. Many patients cannot achieve a full head of hair by FUE and FUT method of hair transplant. But for these patients who are totally bald (i.e. without any donor hair follicle) we have a good option to get rid of this depressive complete baldness- The Biofibre hair implants.

Biofibre hair implants Cost:

BioFibre Hair Implant is an innovative method which is now helping men to win the age-old battle against hair loss. Biofibre is biocompatible (compatible with the human body) artificial hair which is CE Certified for Hair Implant. This technique is suitable for any age and even for those who are completely bald. It is also popular among those who are not suffering from a significant level of hair loss but simply wish to enjoy fuller, thicker-looking hair. At Aesthetic Beauty Centre price for BioFibre hair is £3.50 for 1st 500 Grafts after this £3.00 subsequent grafts.

Please note this is a rough guide only, an exact quote can only be given at a consultation where all factors are discussed and suitability assessed:

Our average sessions involve approx.1500-2500 grafts in men and approx.1500 grafts in women.

The author, Dr Ashish Dutta, Founder at Aesthetic Beauty Centre is a respected cosmetic surgeon and has been practising Hair Transplant Surgery since 2002. Having been in the field of cosmetic surgery for almost 17 years, he performs on average2-3 Hair transplants a month.

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